Porsche Panamera 970 Mirror Adjustment Problems

Porsche Panamera

From 2010 until the present day, German manufacturer Porsche has produced the Panamera 970, an elegant, eye-catching four-door luxury sedan. The Panamera is unmatched in its class for its style and versatility, winning several ‘best in class’ awards. Porsche is well-known for its sexy, sporty cars and that theme carries over in the Panamera. Visual appeal is not sacrificed for comfort however, and the Panamera 970 delivers many of the creature comforts consumers expect in a luxury vehicle. Though these conveniences are vital when functioning properly, they are a major headache when they don’t work.

Several Panamera owners have reported problems with their automatic mirror adjustment systems on their cars. They report the mirrors may incorrectly move to an angle when the vehicle is placed in ‘reverse’ and stay that way when the vehicle is shifted to ‘drive’. Often, Panamera 970 drivers also complain that the mirror adjustment controls suddenly cease to function, and the only way to adjust the mirrors is manually.

This situation can be exceptionally problematic, especially if he or she does not notice that the mirrors are out of adjustment and need to quickly use them in the course of driving. Because the mirror adjustment system is electrical in nature, and governed by the vehicle’s internal computer, we do not recommend attempting any repairs at home.

The staff at your local Porsche service center is very experienced in dealing with vehicle monitoring systems and the internal computer on your Panamera 970. They will be able to examine you vehicle and determine the cause of the issue quickly. They will discuss the needed repairs with you and formulate a plan to address in a manner consistent with your expectations and budget.

Search for a local, independent Porsche repair shop with Porsche mechanics that have dealer-level expertise at a fraction of the expense.