Porsche Panamera 970 High Oil Consumption

Porsche Panamera

Beginning in 2010, the Porsche Panamera 970 changed the way consumers viewed high performance luxury vehicles. The Panamera produces a fun ride with plenty of horsepower from its standard V-6 engine and advanced air suspension system, while at the same time easily seating four adults. This dual appeal won the hearts of many German import enthusiasts and many average American consumers as well. Though many Panamera owners cherish their vehicles, some have experienced problems with them straight from the factory.

Porsche recommends a short break-in period for their high performance vehicles, with an oil change at 10,000 km but many new Panameras do not make it that far without topping off the oil. A warning light on the dash indicating low oil levels is usually the first sign of a problem. In new engines, there is some oil consumption expected at first, but many Panamera owners report adding one quart of oil every 2000 km. This may gradually improve with more miles on the engine, but often it does not.

High oil consumption can be a symptom of any one of a number of issues with your vehicle from a loose oil plug to leaking seals within the engine. As the root cause may be difficult for the lay mechanic to diagnose, we recommend visiting a professional if you have high oil consumption in your Porsche Panamera 970.

The technicians at your local Porsche service garage are able to properly investigate issues such as high oil consumption and find the underlying cause. They have the skills and expertise necessary to quickly perform any repairs that may be required to restore your Porsche Panamera 970 back to its former self.

Search for a local, independent Porsche repair shop with Porsche mechanics that have dealer-level expertise at a fraction of the expense.