Porsche Panamera 970 Failed Front Air Suspension Strut

Porsche Panamera

The Panamera 970 by Porsche can best be described as a cross between the high-powered Porsche Carrera and a full-size luxury sedan. Since 2010, these vehicles have occupied a very small niche in the luxury import market, appealing to consumers of both the luxury and sports camps. German engineering is oft touted as the bridge between both worlds, and the discerning observer would have to agree. Many of the onboard monitoring system are technologically advanced, but sadly are also often the cause of frustration for many Panamera owners.

Often, Porsche Panamera 970 owners report that they will park their cars overnight in the garage, only to find the next morning that the air suspension has failed on one side of the car which is now resting completely on the strut. Usually, this occurs quite suddenly but there is a warning light indicator for the air suspension system, and this may provide the only advance warning.

The air suspension system is monitored internally by the onboard computer system in the Panamera 970 and there are a few reasons this situation may occur. There may be a software issue with the suspension monitoring system, which a reset may fix. Or there may be a leak present somewhere in the system, which may not be easily located. Either repair would probably prove too complex for the home mechanic and for this reason, we recommend visiting a service professional.

If you are experiencing problems with the air suspension system in your Porsche Panamera 970, we recommend taking it to your local German auto import specialist for an examination. They have the proper equipment and knowledge to tackle any issues you may be experiencing with any of the monitoring systems in your Porsche Panamera 970.

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