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Sandwich, MA 02563 US
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Porsche repair and service in Sandwich, MA and the Upper Cape Cod area.

I'm your dealership alternative for service and repair of BMW and Mini Cooper automobiles. I am a BMW Master Technician with over 20 years of dealership experience. We are a fully equipped shop able to handle BMW service from the tires to the top, including four wheel alignments for active steering and rear steering equipped models.

1 Review

  • Matty B
    Matty B5 months ago

    Was a fan of this place. Recommended a lot of people here. I had a great relationship with them but since grown people that were hired to take appointments and advise on service are very lacking. Tried to address with owner but he wouldn’t call me back. Brought my Porsche there for oil change the next day add oil light came on. Very sloppy to not put right amount of oil in a Porsche. Then again had another problem with the girl in front was suppose to get a quote for tires said she would order and then never heard for 4 weeks I had to call. Tried again to address with owner but he wouldn’t come to the phone even left a voicemail for pat but never heard back. Very disappointed as I have sent almost anyone I know with a BMW to him. Lost a customer and probably a whole lot more. Definitely will lose any referrals. This happens when you try to grow a business these days put your business in someone else’s hands. It would of been a simple phone call with the owner but he refused to respond that’s very unprofessional and poor business practice. Always gave huge ratings from their survey software too. Very sad and disappointed!

    2009 Porsche Cayenne GTS
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    Patrick Martin3 months ago

    What is sad and disappointing is that Mr. Bent. a grown man and local business owner himself, could not behave properly when dealing with and communicating to others. I see from reading his other reviews that this is not an isolated incident.

    Roundel Motor Werks has grown over the years and as a result staffing levels have increased. Though not perfect we do try to achieve that level.

    We had enjoyed Matty B’s. business in the past. He had never been a problem. Which is why I was astonished at his behavior. Though he was unaware that I was able to hear what was happening at the front desk. It was obvious from his demeanor that Matty B. had a problem dealing with a female Service Advisor.

    Though this was his first experience with her, he stated to Gail that the quality of service had declined since she was on the front desk. I will say that she is fully capable of fulfilling the requirements of the position. With years of autobody shop management and Insurance industry experience she is not a “girl” but a woman who handled Matty B’s difficult behavior very professionally. Other customers were present, and this was embarrassing for all Including Matty B. who retreated to a chair in the corner until his vehicle was ready. My instinct was to get involved however, I was glad to see Gail quickly deflate the situation and Matty B. as well.

    We are unaware of any low oil incident following an oil change. Records do show the correct amount of oil put into Matty B’s 2009 Porsche Cayenne GTS per manufactures specifications.

    Tires were ordered per request of Matty Bent. They are still here. Repeated phone calls and voicemails went unanswered. He later called and claimed he had never been called and the number on file had not been in use for 2 years. He did authorize the tire order on the same line a few weeks earlier. Turns out he had found tires elsewhere at a lower price and did not cancel the order here in time to return them to our supplier.

    Matty B. did call the following day and spoke to another advisor. He blamed Gail for the tire issue and stated that he had multiple problems with her. He demanded to talk to me and stated he would never return if he could not deal with me personally. I was out of the shop that day and was not going to call him on my cell.

    After business hours Mr. Bent left a vitriol-filled voicemail on the main desk line. This call was received by Gail the following morning. This profane, rant was nothing she should have had to hear in her workplace. Matty B. was unaware that I had heard the encounter at the desk and the phone calls earlier. Due to this I know his account is a complete fabrication. He also demanded that the she be “quashed immediately”. Though possibly used out of context, when considering his demeanor this raises safety concerns for a business.

    As a result of his intimidating and inappropriate behavior toward our employee along with the nature of his voicemail, Matty B’s account was marked for no further appointments. Matty B. is not welcome at this business.

    RMW is willing to work through any problems or disputes with any customer but improper disrespectful behavior, whether by employee or customer will not be tolerated.