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At Randolph Racing we specialize in Porsche repair and Porsche service in Stoughton, MA. We can maintain your Porsche BETTER than the dealer! And when something goes wrong, take satisfaction knowing that we have OVER 27 years of experience repairing and servicing your Porsche in an honest and intelligent manner.

Our 3800 square foot facility in Stoughton, MA., features six lifts, an alignment rack, a dead stall, and a waiting room for customers. We also have a large secure lot that is trailer friendly.

At Randolph Racing we also build and maintain a number of street/track and ALL OUT race cars. We can perform the following services for your Porsche:

  • Complete engine building and maintenance.
  • High performance/endurance engine building (turbo and non turbo).
  • Complete transmission repair (except automatic units).
  • Minor repair, maintenance and diagnostic service on automatic transmissions.
  • Expert electrical system diagnoses and repair.
  • Thorough brake system repair, maintenance, up-grade services.
  • Complete suspension re-building, strengthening, up-grading, corner balancing, and wheel alignment.

23 Reviews

  • Bruce
    Bruce11 months ago

    Worth the hours drive from North East CT. Took my 3.2 in for a miss fire up around 4500rpm. New plugs, wires, and rotor. Now she’s pulls nice and strong and no more stutter. While there Kevin identified and repaired other items that would soon have become issues. A mechanic that takes their time to diagnose the problem and make it right.

    1988 Porsche 911 Carrera
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  • primo lombardi
    primo lombardi3 years ago

    I recently purchased a 1984 911. I consider myself fortunate to have my 911 repaired at Randolph Racing. Kevin the owner has always called to keep me up to date on repairs - has quoted an accurate cost before and considering the work I had done over time - valves - shocks - clutch - and transmission .I am a satisfied customer .I look forward to a long term relationship in the care of my 911. Thank you, Primo.

    1984 Porsche 911 Targa
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  • Harris
    Harris 3 years ago

    I found Randolph Racing on pcarshops after deciding to look for a new Pcar mechanic. I felt my mechanic, who I've been doing business with since I purchased the car from him, was too expensive. I had a 915 transmission issue, and Kevin invited me down to take a ride and assess. The consensus was the same, and that my trany would have to be at least partially rebuilt. I was flabbergasted to hear he could do the work for about half of what I was quoted from my mechanic. When I asked what the worst case scenario was, Kevin indicated I may have to replace synchros and stated the cost and that was spot on.

    All and all we talked about some other modifications, including increasing hp, preventative maint, and suspension. While I did make the decision to spend more $$'s than intended, I have been very pleased at everything that was done. Handling has been great, noticeable improvement in performance, and the transmission including the addition of a WEVO shifter have been solid. Overall, Kevin was very accommodating, accurate in his assessment, and more than fair in his labor rates. Thank you Kevin and team!

    1985 Porsche Carrera Targa
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  • Jonathan knox
    Jonathan knox5 years ago

    Kevin at Randolph Racing performed an engine swap from a Boxster 2.5 to a 996 3.4 .

    His work was exceptional. I wish I had brought my car to him before . I have had many bad experiences with various shops in the Boston area in the past. I would highly recommend Kevin for any work on all Porsche vehicles.

    1997 Porsche Boxster
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  • Caryn
    Caryn5 years ago

    Kevin at Randolph Auto Racing is the only one to have correctly diagnosed my Cayenne issues. The engine light had been on for several months, it was not running well. I had gotten high estimates for fixing the issue, with no guarantees it would be fixed.

    Kevin took the time to really look at the engine, test it, think about what could be causing the issue. He used his brain and his talents to correctly diagnose and correct the issues at a fair price. My Cayenne is now running smoothly and the engine light is finally off!

    Kevin is an extremely knowledgeable, professional and courteous person. He also followed up to make sure the car was running well.

    I am so glad to have found Randolph Auto Racing as I plan to service my current Porsche and future Porsche cars there.

    2008 Porsche Cayenne
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  • Steve
    Steve6 years ago

    I have known Kevin and Randy for ten years or so through my ownership of two Porsches. I vetted four or five other independent Porsche mechanics before choosing Randolph Racing to work on my cars. They have provided me with excellent service at reasonable prices, and have also added to the pleasure I have experienced with Porsche Ownership through a network of Kevin's contacts with bodyshops, welders, and other trades involved with restoring my car. Not only does Kevin generously provide these resources, but he shuttled me back and forth to their shops repeatedly to drop off and pick up my car.

    Kevin is a real mechanic - he doesn't try to sell you on services or parts that he considers unnecessary. He has led me through the rebuilding of my 911 with an eye on value; finding me an affordable used engine when the rebuild of mine was prohibitively expensive; finding used parts to install when the situation didn't require new; advising me on what needed to be done to the car to get it safely on the road, and what work could wait until I could raise the funds.

    His expertise, particularly with the air cooled cars, is well known in the Porsche community. I have first-hand knowledge of two local Official Porsche Dealerships sending customers with air cooled cars to his shop as his knowledge of the cars exceeds that of the dealerships' mechanics. They have also sent him cars they have taken in trade to prepare for resale.

    I recommend Kevin and Randy at Randolph Racing to anyone who is looking for an independent Porsche mechanic

    1981 Porsche 911
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  • Tony Sbarra
    Tony Sbarra6 years ago

    I have had Kevin (and Randy) work on my 2002 911 since I purchased it in 2013. He has performed both major (clutch, IMS upgrade) and minor (oil changes) repairs. He is not cheap, but no one servicing these types of cars is. The service has been excellent and I have no complaints. A bonus is that you can actually see what he is doing if you want to and that the work will be clearly explained to you. He is also PCA approved, which is reassuring. I will keep going back.

    2002 Porsche 911 C2 Cabriolet
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  • Bill Slinko
    Bill Slinko7 years ago

    I was told to go to Randolph Racing from my mechanic.I needed a total restoration of my front end.Not only did they replece all bushings and ball joints they sandblasted and painted the rest of the parts.The job was done in a timely matter and at very a resonable rate.He actually delivered the car back to me, due to bad weather.

    1966 Porsche Early 912
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  • al
    al7 years ago

    We are a small car dealer of Cape Cod. We sent our 2003 911 to Kevin to replace a clutch. While it was apart, they replaced the IMS bearing and the Rear Main Seal, at no additional charge for labor. We also had the 60K service performed.

    The car spent only 2 days in his shop - was ready for pickup and ready to sell. Even though it's an hour drive to Stoughton, we will be sending all of our Porsche work to him at Randolph Racing.

    Excellent service at reasonable rates.

    2003 Porsche 911 Carrera 4S
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  • Nancy Caswell
    Nancy Caswell8 years ago

    Just bought 2008 Cayenne a few months ago and had a few dash lights come on. Brought it to Kevin at Randolph Racing and it turned out to be the thermostat. He fixed it and the car is all set, Had a great experience and found him to be honest and nice, wouldn't hesitate to refer a friend to him....and Kevin still lookin for that TV...lol....thanks for everything!!

    2008 Porsche GT
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  • Tom Wallace
    Tom Wallace8 years ago

    I have been taking my 996 C4 to Kevin at Randolph Racing for over 6 years. I take it to him for normal maintenance (vs a dealership) but also have had a new clutch installed and more recently he found and fixed a fluid leak from the transmission. Others may had said it was from the tranny itself which could have cost quite a bit, but he diagnosed it as a bad back up switch and when replaced, it solved the problem at a very reasonable cost. Although I live an hour from the shop, I like Randolph Racing for three reasons; their hourly rate, their experience, and most importantly there are no signs saying customers must remain in the waiting area. Sometimes i'm beside him under the lift while he is showing me what he is doing. Keep up the good work Kevin!

    1999 Porsche C4
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  • John Taylor
    John Taylor9 years ago

    This shop and owner are great. I have an old 928s Euro model that had been sitting in my garage for >6-years unused and I wanted to get in running again. Knowing that the timing belt needed to be replaced I contacted Kevin he explained what needed to be done offered a very competitive price to do it so I had the car towed to his shop. Thereafter we reviewed all the other items that he recommended be replaced. In most cases he bought LKQ parts and saved me a lot of money on the repairs. The car is running just like it did before I retired it and it was a pleasure doing biz with him. I would highly recommend Randolph Racing and him for repair work especially considering his hourly rate as compared to the stealer!

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  • Eric
    Eric9 years ago

    My '86 Porsche 911 had been in and out of shops for the better part of 2 years! (Not mentioning the other shops here.) The car had an un-diagnosed stalling problem, where the engine would just cut-out on the road - very dangerous and very problematic! I used my AAA 100 mile towing (Get the Gold AAA membership!) and sent my ride to Kevin's shop. Within a week the problem was diagnosed and fixed! Kevin did some additional work to modify the exhaust, adding HP to the vehicle. All is well after more than 100 miles driving and I would recommend Kevin for anyone frustrated with mere parts replacers. I only wish the shop was a bit closer to my home. Thanks Again to Randolph Racing. Eric

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  • Steve Smith
    Steve Smith9 years ago

    As Mr. Tate said at the beginning of the comments, Kevin is a great mechanic that knows Porsches inside and out. He converted my 944 into a great autocrosser and track car by putting in a 968 engine. 86 more horsepower and does it run great! He is very accommodating in filling your requests or answering your questions, and will honestly steer you in the right direction if you ask him to do something that will not benefit the car or your pocketbook. His helper, Randy, is equally talented and very knowledgeable, always willing to show you what he's doing and what needs attention. They make a good team. I own 3 Porsches, I will not go anywhere else but Randolph Racing.

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  • Tom Tate
    Tom Tate10 years ago

    The best part about working with Kevin is that he will give you all the choices and then make a recommendation. He doesn't just start replacing things and send you the bill. He will follow your instructions even if it turns out to be the cheap way out. Anything from twin turbo Audi's to barn find 911's he can bring them back to life. They use resources from all over the US to get the right parts and support for that upgrade that you always wanted and the cost is well below the Dealers and other local Porsche shops. Randy is a great low key asset that gets the job done. Easy to work with and on the Commuter Rail line to Boston, what could be easier?

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  • Gary Hansen
    Gary Hansen10 years ago

    Kevin at Randolph Racing is a highly skilled, knowledgeable and reliable Porsche mechanic and a heck of a nice guy.

    I have had my 1986 Porche 911 Carrera serviced by him for the past two years.

    Kevin has been honest and very fair with me regarding any needed repairs. He lets me know upfront what the time and labor costs will be and if it doesn't need fixing right away Kevin will advise me that it can wait.

    I doubt very much that you would find the dedication and expertise that Kevin can offer you at another shop.

    Randy also knows his cars and can upholster your vehicles entire interior with remarkable results.

    Guess who else works on my Porsche? NOBODY!!!

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  • Jim Garfield
    Jim Garfield10 years ago

    Following the recommendation of a friend who has had Kevin service his cars for years, I brought my 911 up to have the rear end lowered and locate the source of a recent oil leak. I was impressed with Kevin's thorough examination of the car, and his assessment of what needed to be done. He fixed a number of small problems and gave me a list of things that are going to need attention in the future. The car has never felt better, and noting that I have equal length headers, a two in two out exhaust, and less restrictive filter, Kevin made a slight tweak in the DME box that has really made the engine come alive.

    I live an hour and a half from the shop, so it's a bit of a pain to leave the car, but Kevin gave me a ride to the train station, and picked me up when the car was done. I will be taking the car back to Kevin at Randolph Racing for whatever needs to be done in the future. It's worth the trip.

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  • David Strahan
    David Strahan10 years ago

    Kevin, owner of Randolph Racing, built me a razor sharp track weapon from a '74 911 guiding my choices step by step, researching new products and even donating parts from his shop stash to fulfill my wish to have a smooth, powerful normally aspirated 911 primarily for the track yet still street legal (barely)... no easy feat. He installed and set up a full track suspension on a budget, built up my 3.2L engine gaining over 40 bhp, rebuilt a 915 tranny to my specs and installed one of the first WaveTrac LSDs ever made for a 911. He then accompanied me to the track repeatedly throughout the 2010 season listening to my feedback, towing the car back and forth, tweaking things and "working the bugs out" of all the modifications, much of it on his own time at no additional cost to me. He takes pride in his work and relishes seeing the results of his efforts enjoyed by his customers.

    Randolph Racing (Kevin) has continued to support my track efforts into this 2011 season and I think that whether you need serious bang for the limited buck or have a bottomless well of money to spend, the work done at his establishment will net anyone with a pension for driving Porsches serious ear to ear smiles for years to come!

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  • Anthony Bognanno
    Anthony Bognanno10 years ago

    I have been taking my car to Kevin since 2007 and find his work to be not only excellent but also less expensive than the dealers. My car runs strong and smooth and I can drop in to his place anytime without having to call.

    Kevin recently restored a '71 911T for me which looks and runs super and took second place at PCANER concours this year at Lars Anderson in Brookline.

    I would recommend Randolph Racing to anyone looking for good and reliable service on their Porsche.

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  • B Gellman
    B Gellman10 years ago

    Kevin has done some considerable work on my mid 80s 911 over the last two years and I have been extremely pleased with his work. He has always been very honest and professional and his workmanship has been impeccable and has exceeded my expectations every time. The car has never driven better. He did such a nice job on the Porsche that I opted to bring my early 2000s Audi A4 into his shop as well. He has done a nice job with that car as well and has always stood by his work. I always feel confident recommending Kevin and Randolph Racing and do so with no reservations.

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  • Bailey BIshop
    Bailey BIshop10 years ago

    Kevin has performed work on my cars for over 8 yrs now. He has built me a high HP Porsche 930 race car and has worked on my BMW and another Porsche of mine as well. He has always been honest and professional, standing by his work. As we have built my race car there has been some trial and error. Kevin has taken responsibility where applicable and absorbed much costs as part of the process. As an owner of a race car that is pushed to the limits one needs to take responsibility as well, whether that be realizing that "things can happen," that there is enormous wear and tear, and that some times mistakes of the owner/driver result in damages.

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  • MM Primm
    MM Primm10 years ago

    Wow ! So many complaints about Kevin, how does he stay in business? He gave me outragious estimate, then wanted to ad another 5 grand onto the 7.5 grand that he gave me in the estimate. Tried to hold my car hostage for the additional unbeleiveable fee's. I had to get the cops just to get my own car. It gets better! After tge $7500.00 My Porsche 930 caught "FIRE" the first time I drove the car. Thank God I got the fire out with a extinqisher. I hate to post this, I like Kevin and Randy seems like a nice guy. But Kevin ripped me off for $7500.00 my car in flames and his overall work on my car sucked. Missing bolts, clamps, disconnected hoses, sway bar not even bolted on one side. Not only is he a bad business person he is also Dangerous. I hate to see anyone else get ripped off. Kevin please change your ways...

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    kevin saltzman10 years ago

    First of all,am I allowed to comment??

    I'd like to comment about the cost of doing bussiness with stupid and DISHONEST customers,I will not comment here,But I will return your e-mail with regard to the Two complanants here...I have lots of GOOD customers..These were NOT!!

  • jim hanrahan
    jim hanrahan10 years ago

    I paid Kevin to replace the rings in my engine. I got the car back and on the first time on the track, it blew the motor. He insisted that the car had overboosted even though there was no evidence of it. It turns out he put the wrong rings in the motor when reassembling it. He told me on a Monday to call him back at the end of the week because he thought his insurance would cover it. I called him at the end of the week and he told me to sue him. I posted my interaction on facebook and was barraged by people with similar bad experiences with Randolph Racing. He admitted to myself and and another gentleman at the track a few weeks ago, that he did in fact put the wrong rings in my car. He cannot deny it as he admitted in front of one of his own customers. He then promptly left the track.

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