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Specializing in Porsche repair and service in Tempe, AZ. Uni-Body Auto Body And Paint Specialists, I-Car PPG. For all your Porsche service needs in Tempe, Mesa, Scottsdale and the Phoenix area, come see us!

25 Reviews

  • Michael Schofield
    Michael Schofield1 month ago

    I had heard about Jack from a few fellow Porsche owners and ventured towards Jack after I had an unusual sound coming from the engine of my 911. Jack takes any issue with a car personally and were it becomes a quest to understand what is going wrong. He takes great pride in his repair shop and the reason he get glowing results. Cliff the technician that worked on my car found the issue and between Jack and Cliff they also completed the scheduled maintenance. All at a fraction of the cost you would pay at a Porsche dealership. Jack is exceptionally personable in dealing with people. I introduced my neighbor who also has work done the same week and she was over the moon with their follow through and work ethic. A customer for life!

    2014 Porsche 991.1. -911
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  • Michael Apfel
    Michael Apfel2 years ago

    Have been a client and have been going to Jack for over 20 years. He has a passion and dedication to "fixing things right" and is the only shop that "repairs" not just replaces parts. He has a heart of gold and his mechanics and employees are all super specialists. From routine maintenance to full mechanical restoration he runs a one stop shop. Personally he has become family to our family. A more honest man you will not find.

    2006 Porsche Cayenne
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  • Jeff Biddle
    Jeff Biddle3 years ago

    Jack is the best, most honest mechanic for your Porsche. We were referred to him by a friend and have gone to him for all four of our Porsches since 2014. He’s not the closest mechanic to us but he’s the one to trust. We love you, Jack.

    2005 Porsche Boxster
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  • Jim
    Jim8 years ago

    Jack and his crew know the Porsche breed far better than anyone else around here, and they have pretty much seen it all. Jack will tell you what the 'dealership people' will not and you get the benefit of expertise, connections, honesty, and integrity. We have been bringing our Boxster to him for years and you can bet that will continue. Thank you Jack. Jim

    2006 Porsche Boxster
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  • Lucas
    Lucas8 years ago

    Thanks to Jack & Co,

    hard working honest Porsche Pros, keeping my car on the road at minimum cost as possible.

    1981 Porsche 911 SC coupe
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  • Arizona Collision Center
    Arizona Collision Center9 years ago

    Let's just say our shop will be referring and sending business to this shop!! Thanks for the help today was truly amazing

    2007 Porsche 911
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  • Mitch
    Mitch9 years ago

    Jack is the best mechanic I have been around! I will ALWAYS take my car to his shop. He has done count less things on my car from the water pump blowing out, engine mounts, and timing belts. Him knowing I'm a college student always on budget he finds a way to cut a deal with me. Great guy and a great shop.

    1987 Porsche 924S
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  • Alex Engelken
    Alex Engelken10 years ago

    As a 24 year old young man getting a PPI on a less than pristine 993, Jack treated me with straight forwardness, competency, and most importantly respect. He knew i was on a budget and made it clear that while he loved the 993, but they were complete "labor whores" letting a kid anxious to get a pcar what he was getting into. Jack reassured me that the price was fair, and upon that advice I bought the car. If there was a movie that had a Porsche mechanic as a character, you better hope they base it off Jack.

    1997 Porsche 993
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  • Pezza
    Pezza10 years ago

    I have never met Jack in person but I can imagine him to be a great guy. He conducted the PPI and full service on my newly purchased 911 Ruf prior to shipping it halfway around the world to me in Abu Dhabi.

    He is old school just like the vehicles he works on and this is the best quality he has. He was extremely helpful and walked me through all the details over the phone. When the vehicle arrived from overseas, it was in perfect condition without any issues - it was exactly as he said it would be.

    You can blindly get him to sort your vehicle without hassle despite being 8,500 miles away from him. Legendary Service.

    1985 Porsche Ruf Carrera
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  • Terry
    Terry10 years ago

    I have been working with Jack for about 17 years now and he has kept my 944 running strong, and at very reasonable prices. They never seem to go crazy replacing stuff, although if they see something they advise me and usually we just watch it. Never have they worked on stuff that the car wasn't in the shop for. In fact I just picked it up last week and they said, "boy that 944 is in really good shape", Yeah they've done all the work. Any way they are very good and reasonable on what they do.

    1986 Porsche 944 Turbo
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  • AMcA
    AMcA10 years ago

    I knew recharging the AC is no big deal. I called around. Midas wanted $219 plus parts. Sears wanted $129, but that was only for "select" models - Porsches cost extra. An independent imports shop wanted $150.

    Jack said "oh, that's an easy job, we can do it while you wait." They recharged the AC, cleaned off my radiators (which no one had ever done) and cleaned the passenger compartment air filter (which no one had ever done). $58.

    An honest and thorough car mechanic.

    Plus, the whole history of Porsche is parked either in the lot, out back, or in the garage. Great place.

    1999 Porsche 911
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  • Steve Cernik
    Steve Cernik10 years ago

    I bought my first Porsche, a 914-6, in March, 1981. I met Jack and the crew at Stuttgart Southwest shortly afterwards. They had just moved into their current location. Yes, they have been there for that long! That says something about their business integrity. If you own a Porsche, you'd be wise to seek them out whenever you need ANY service. Even if you don't own a Porsche, their body shop fixes all brands and is first rate. My Jaguar sedan was rear ended and Jack's crew made it like new! They worked with my Ins. Co. and made it effortless for me! You won't be disappointed!

    1970 Porsche 914-6
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  • Greg Stafford
    Greg Stafford10 years ago

    I have taken my Porsches to Jack since 2005. Would not go anywhere else! They are honest as the day is long. Always trying to save you money where they can.Most recently they swapped in a 3.2 engine in my 79 911. I couldnt be more pleased with the result!

    1979 Porsche 914
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  • Brian
    Brian11 years ago

    Jack is one of the finest people I have ever dealt with. I have been going to him since I bought my first '70 911 in 1985, and he has serviced every 911 I have had since. He understands that not everyone who loves Porches is a millionaire. He has goes out of his way to come up with the best options for getting parts and saving the customer money. Very few people in this world can be truly trusted, Jack is among them. He truly cares about his customers and you'll be glad the day you become one.

    1970 Porsche Carrera
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  • Bruce
    Bruce11 years ago

    A customer of Jack's since the '70s. Still. 'Nuff said.

    1980 Porsche SC
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  • Damian
    Damian11 years ago

    Jack and his experienced team have kept my 2001 BoxterS running in top form for several years. Jack has saved me thousands of dollars, he always finds a way to fix the problem for less. The quality of the work is secnd to none. Jack is the main reason I can afford this great Porsche experience.

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  • Richard Gentry
    Richard Gentry11 years ago

    Jack is the very best!!! Everything done right by wonderful talented people!

    Star Service next door is by far the best Mercedes shop in the State. Gear auto heaven together in the same lot!!

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  • Larry Barkan
    Larry Barkan11 years ago

    Stuttgart Southwest is the best. I own a 1985 944. They have never pushed me into repairs that weren't warranted. He always explains exactly what has to be done and, when completed, what was done.They are people of the highest integrity and I can't express enough my delight in their service.

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  • Mike
    Mike11 years ago

    The best of the best. I have had several different Porsches serviced by Jack over ten years. My older 356 has never run better. My 911 humms. The work is always done right, with cheer, and the bill is consistently a great value.

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  • robert P.
    robert P.12 years ago

    First met Jack D. in 1994 when he rebuilt the engine's top end in my 1970 911S. Just as everyone else has said in their previous posts, Jack is the most honest and qualified Porsche tech I have ever had the pleasure to deal with. He never does needless work and will always try to save you money. Jack never hesitates to provide great assistance over the phone and never rushes you. That's the kind of customer service that's typically long gone.

    He also custom built a driver's side rail system to accommodate a racing seat I had that didn't fit on the stock rails. I never even shop around for service or parts anymore as Jack has earned my business for as long as I will drive a Porsche. Thanks Jack and keep up the great work.

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  • Bill
    Bill12 years ago


    Jack was terrific to deal with. Good people skills, friendly and takes the time to explain what's needed and what's not. He's very honest and they did great work on my 911.

    He's great w/calling and keeping you in the loop on findings and options on the repairs.

    He's earned my repeat business in the future. I trust him 100%!

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  • Ray
    Ray12 years ago

    Stuttgart Southwest is the best of a dying breed. It is an owner operated shop, been in existence forever, run by people who really take pride in what they do. Jack Doverspike lives for Porsche, and is an honest, do-only-what's-needed owner.

    My 996 has had exemplary service and treatment at Stuttgart.

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  • scott
    scott12 years ago

    They have been working on my 968 for a year. They have done an amazing job, and do not look for extra work!! The most honest people to work with- I won't consider going anyplace else. -Scott

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  • Ben
    Ben13 years ago

    I have had a few things done on my '85 Carrera at Stuttgart Southwest. The owner Joe very knowledgeable on the Porsches, and is a nice guy as well. I've always been happy with their work and will return.

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  • Ron
    Ron13 years ago

    I have used Stuttgart SW on several occasions...all have been positive. In 2007 I moved to the midwest and drove my 20 year old 911 with 200k+ miles across the country. The shop owner spent most of one entire day working side by side with me as we did a complete trip check. Things I suggested we change he talked me out of as needless expense. He was 100% right on as my car ran like a watch all the way. No major service since and no problems. When I get back to Phx I will always use SSW for my Porsche needs.

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