European Auto House

11020 North Buntrock Avenue
Mequon, WI 53092 US
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Specializing in BMW and Porsche repair, serving the greater Milwaukee area for over 30 years.

We offer the following services for your Porsche:

  • Scheduled Maintenance
  • Complete Coding and Programming Capability
  • IMS Bearing Retro Fit and Replacement
  • Brake Repairs
  • Suspension Repairs
  • Tires (Winter & Summer)
  • Transmission Repairs
  • Engine Repairs
  • Electrical Repairs
  • Automotive Air Conditioning
  • Exhaust Repairs

Courtesy vehicle available upon request.

25 Reviews

  • Jay Grych
    Jay Grych3 months ago

    Brought my first Porsche two years ago (2006 Boxster), and searched for independent shops in SE WI to use for maintenance and repairs. Tried another shop before I discovered EAH. I can say unequivocally THIS is the one to go to. A far better experience in multiple ways. Nathaniel is a pleasure to deal with. He is very customer-focused, knows these cars inside and out, shares a passion for them, and takes the time to explain your repair options and costs. The shop also specializes in servicing other German brands, like BMW. Location is convenient too; minutes off of I-43 just north of Milwaukee.

    2006 Porsche Boxster
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  • Mitchell Saltzberg
    Mitchell Saltzberg3 months ago

    I have had nothing but very positive experiences with Nathaniel and his shop. He is extraordinarily knowledgeable, detail focused, and is an absolute perfectionist when it comes to the quality of the work that he does. I would not take my Porsche anywhere else for service. He is without a doubt one of the best mechanics I have worked with over the many years I have owned Porsche cars.

    2014 Porsche Boxster S
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  • Rick Spaulding
    Rick Spaulding6 months ago

    Wonderful experience!

    I purchased a 2002 Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet that still needed the IMS updated. I found European Auto House on the LN Engineering website (Mfg of the IMS retrofit), listed as the ONLY officially approved installer in Wisconsin. Nathaniel was unbelievably helpful and more than fair. I knew my baby was in safe hands with Nathaniel the moment I dropped the car off. Not only did he walk me through the entire process, he was more than happy to answer any of my questions.

    I HIGHLY recommend that all Porsche owners utilize Nathaniel’s unbelievable Porsche knowledge and passion for all their mechanical needs.

    2002 Porsche Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet
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  • Brad B
    Brad B6 months ago

    I would highly recommend you taking your Porsche to European Auto House. Nathaniel the owner truly cares about you and your car. Excellent customer service! He is always quick to diagnose and fix my car correctly. He also even helped me sell my 2001 Boxster S this year with an out of state buyer. It's amazing how he goes the extra mile to help his customers. Thanks Nathaniel!

    2013 Porsche Boxster S
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  • Scott Huibregts
    Scott Huibregts7 months ago

    Accomodating and professional service.

    1986 Porsche 911 Carrerra
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  • Sime Salaud
    Sime Salaud7 months ago

    Whenever I have had the slightest issue with my 911, Nathaniel has been lightning quick to diagnose and fix it. I've gotten used to shops overcharging and underperforming when it comes to service on these special cars, but European Auto House has exceeded my expectations when it comes to the quality of the job done. They also quoted me a fraction of the dealer price for some of these repairs! I would highly recommend giving your business to European Auto House, they deserve it.

    2015 Porsche 911 turbo s
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  • Ze Germanz
    Ze Germanz1 year ago

    The only thing more difficult than finding a great mechanic (or doctor or babysitter for that matter) is being one. To excel at it means having a passion about the task, and these guys do.

    Simultaneously treating my Porsche like it was their own, and tailoring the way the work is done to my personal preferences is what they're great at. In a world of compromise, this is a higher level of balance and efficiency. 'Nuff said.

    2008 Porsche 911 Carrera 4S
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  • Vlad Milkovic
    Vlad Milkovic1 year ago

    So I found what I thought was great deal on a Porsche in WI. I searched to find someone to do a Pre Purchase Inspection because I reside in a different state. I found Nathaniel at European Auto House. He was outstanding and helped me out tremendously. I can't tell you how informative he was and extremely knowledgeable. Let's just say he saved me from potentially making a huge mistake.

    2004 Porsche 911
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  • Drew M.
    Drew M.1 year ago

    Nathaniel & the crew at EAH are top notch. I've trusted them with my 911 (997) Carerra GTS , and now 911 (991) Turbo S. Always an honest assessment, fair price, and easy experience. Highly recommend.

    2014 Porsche 911 Turbo S
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  • Doug Klumb
    Doug Klumb1 year ago

    In the past I have had Nathaniel replace the IMS bearing, clutch, and rear main seal on my Boxster. Recently he performed front wheel bearing, front coil spring, and front brake replacements. I can always trust that the repairs will be performed correctly at European Auto House and that I and my car will be treated with respect. Nathaniel is happy to provide a quote for the work ahead of time and work with you to achieve the desired outcome within your budget.

    2000 Porsche Boxster S
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  • Adam
    Adam1 year ago

    Simply the best. The owner Nathaniel is amazing! Was recommended to him by a friend. Brought my 993 in for a somewhat minor issue. A few hours later I hadn’t even realized the car was fixed because Nathaniel and I were talking about pcars the whole time while it was done. He is a true dragon slayer!

    1997 Porsche 993
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  • Tony Henriques
    Tony Henriques1 year ago

    After getting referrals from Porsche club members I took my 911 to EAH for a heat solenoid valve issue and oil change. Before I could ask him to he said he would go through the car on a general inspection since it was my first time in the shop. Nathaniel obviously has a great knowledge of Porsches but also a sincere passion for the brand. I was very pleased with the work, and inside tips he gave me to keep

    my car running like it should.

    2014 Porsche 911 4s
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  • Richard
    Richard1 year ago

    Really appreciated Nathaniel's knowledge and enthusiasm. Very responsive and timely service. Highly recommended.

    1987 Porsche 911 Carerra
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  • Gary Schultz
    Gary Schultz2 years ago

    Nathaniel did a PPI for me before I traveled more than 500 miles to see a 911 GTS. He quickly answered all my questions and was extremely friendly and helpful on the phone. I can recommend his shop wholeheartedly and if I were in the area he would be servicing my car.

    2016 Porsche 911 GTS
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  • Dan Ferguson
    Dan Ferguson2 years ago

    I have known and worked with Nathaniel for since 2008 when he did some work on a 335i. Repair costs are very favorable compared to the dealer with equal quality and better customer service. Since then he's done every oil/filter change and repair on every car I own. He is prompt, honest, easy to communicate with and works very hard to make sure the customer is happy. I had a 2009 Porsche 911 with 100+k miles and he diagnosed and repaired a very unusual internal engine issue. He felt bad that it took so long so he reduced my bill without me asking.

    2016 Porsche 911 Carrera GTS
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  • Bill
    Bill2 years ago

    This is my second review for European Auto House in the last three weeks, because my second experience with Nathaniel was even better than the first. I found another car in the Milwaukee area that I was interested in buying. I immediately contacted Nathaniel to see if he could do another inspection for me. He worked with the seller to set up a convenient time, even coming in early in the morning to look at the car. He again thoroughly inspected the car, talked to me on the phone that morning about his findings, and by that evening I had negotiated the purchase price. His advice helped me make the decision that this was the car for me, and I have now had it for a seek and a half and I love it. Working with Nathaniel gave me the confidence to pull the trigger quickly on this one. He also advised me on what maintenance I need to do next and when, which was very helpful. Thanks Nathaniel!

    2014 Porsche Boxster
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  • William
    William2 years ago

    Honestly, I can't say enough about the work that Nathaniel did to resolve an emissions issue I was having with my 2007 911 GT3. For what it's worth, I brought my car to the two dealerships in town and they couldn't resolve it. Resolving the issue was obviously great, but the thing that left a lasting impression was that I honestly think he cares just as much about my car as I do (and I care about my car a lot...). I am not sure that you can really ask for more and frankly I really appreciated his attention to detail and his efforts. It might sound cliche, but I won't be taking my car any place else for service, I am just glad that Nathaniel and European Auto House exists. If you're looking for an honest, quality mechanic Nathaniel is your guy. Hope that helps some of you out there in the MKE area. - Will

    2007 Porsche 911 GT3
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  • Bill Bauer
    Bill Bauer2 years ago

    I recently used European Auto House to do a pre-purchase inspection for a 2014 Boxster that I was hoping to buy. I contacted Nathaniel who was very accommodating in setting up the inspection right away. He read my emails and responded to my questions right away. He was able to do the inspection the same day that I called. That afternoon he called me to discuss his findings. He very quickly figured out a number of things wrong with the car that I had no idea about. He was very knowledgeable and helpful. He gave me some very good advice about finding the right car for me. He saved me a lot of disappointment, headaches and money. I will call Nathaniel for the next inspection and I will certainly use him for service once I find my Porsche.

    2014 Porsche Boxster
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  • Edward West
    Edward West2 years ago

    Nathaniel had helped me fix some embarrassing DIY mistakes on my son’s BMW E46 in the past so when I purchased a 1999 Porsche 996 there was only one place to go - European Auto House. Nathaniel deserves his reputation as a honest and fair master technician; make an appointment - you won’t be disappointed.

    1999 Porsche 911 - 996
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  • JJ
    JJ3 years ago

    European Auto House was highly recommended to me for my 911. The work they have done on my car has been exceptional. Nathaniel (owner/technician) replaced my IMS bearing, clutch, tires and performed service maintenance. I will not take my 911 anywhere else! They are very knowledgeable, fair, honest and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend them!

    2004 Porsche 40th Anniversary 911
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  • Marian Zincke
    Marian Zincke3 years ago

    I recently moved to Milwaukee and asked around for a benchmark Porsche specialist. My friend instantly lead me to European Autohaus- and he was right. Honesty and integrity, with great technical acumen and subject matter expertise. What more can you ask more when you want someone to take care of your baby. In addition to these basics, Nathaniel who runs the shop, is a great person that goes out of his way to accommodate your schedule.

    2004 Porsche 911 Carrera
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  • JH
    JH3 years ago

    I've been using European Auto House for years and this shop is simply the best independent BMW and Porsche repair shop in the area. Nathaniel and Tom are exceptional technicians and the ONLY two individuals that I will allow to touch my air cooled 911. They are fair, honest and always return my car with the work completed correctly and timely. Highly recommended!

    1984 Porsche 911
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  • Brian Sewart
    Brian Sewart4 years ago

    I started going to European Auto House three years ago. My car has never run this good. I get great, timely service. I have recommended them to multiple people.

    1989 Porsche 911 Carrera 4
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  • Arthur J. Harrington
    Arthur J. Harrington5 years ago

    I am a first time Porsche owner. Nathaniel was incredibly helpful in mechanical review after my purchase in Feb., 2015.. He identified some necessary work and was very thorough and fair in explanation and pricing. Took my car in this week for my first year inspection. After a thorough inspection, he found nothing that needed work and refused any payment for the all points check. I have been thrilled with his work for the past year and strongly recommend this repair facility.

    2002 Porsche 911 carrera 4S
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  • John
    John8 years ago

    Great knowledgable service. Honest analysis. Helped me wake up the old girl to have fun again.

    1966 Porsche 912
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