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We specialize in Porsche repair and service for the Virginia Beach, VA area.

LMN Motorsports was established as a Porsche repair shop in 2006 and we pride ourselves on the quality of our work and experience we have to offer all of our customers. All major repairs and scheduled maintenance, including all engine and transmission repairs and all Porsche electrical diagnoses and repairs, with PST-2 and Autologic Porsche diagnostic systems for all Porsche cars.

Offering pre-purchase inspections, alignments, and suspension replacement and upgrades. We also specialize in Audi service maintenance and repairs. Please call for more information of visit our full website at www.LMNmotorsports.com.


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Meet Our Team

  • Ladislav "Lutzo" Kovacyk


    Porsche trained technician with 42 years of Porsche experience. Crew Chief for Rolex/Grand-am race teams.

  • Ray Kremer

    Master Technician

    Porsche and Audi master technician since 1985 with factory training through 2013.

  • Lawrence "BJ" Bird

    Assistant Technician

    Assistant technician in training.

29 Reviews

  • Praxedes Cotrina
    Praxedes Cotrina1 year ago

    Quality and honesty! These guys are truly professionals, honest, and provide a quality above anyone.

    There’s no other place in the entire HR area that can even be close to match these guys. They never try to make you spend more money than what is necessary, something I cannot say about other places.

    We are so blessed to have a shop so great, with outstanding technicians, and extremely honest people who provide a quality service beyond words. This is why they stay busy!

    2005 Porsche Boxster
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  • Nick Wagner
    Nick Wagner4 years ago

    When I bought my Porsche, I solicited recommendations for local service... expecting to hear "the dealership." Instead, it was unanimous among anyone I asked: Lutzo!

    That was 5 years ago and all of the service on my 911 is done at LMN. In addition to being the most highly skilled specialists anywhere (people from other parts of the country bring their Porsches here), Lutzo and Marc are extremely friendly, honest, and accessible. They will only do the work that is necessary.

    When I asked Marc for anything I can do to better take care of my 911, his response was: "You need to drive it more." Yes sir!

    Highly highly recommend LMN.

    2006 Porsche 911S Cabriolet
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  • Kristina Szurkus
    Kristina Szurkus5 years ago

    These guys are great! They know their stuff and are honest and diligent.

    We were given an estimate for repairs by the Porsche dealer in town. They were certain that a whole light assembly needed to be replaced. LMN checked it out, found a stripped wire, and fixed the problem for $500 less than the dealer had quoted!

    They are also flexible. We had a tight schedule and needed to pickup the car on a Saturday, when LMN is not open. They offered to take payment over the phone and leave the car outside for us to pick up with our spare key. No problem.

    LMN is a pleasure to work with!

    2013 Porsche Boxster
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  • JB & MB
    JB & MB6 years ago

    We have taken our Cayenne turbo-s, 911 C4, and now our son's Audi A3 to Lutzo and his team at LMN Motorsports for the past 5 years. We have never been disappointed. Diagnostics are superb using only the latest equipment available. We on convinced LMN is saving us thousands of dollars every year by fixing only what is necessary. LMN's suppliers and subcontractors are top rate as well and have proven to have been selected to ensure they exceed our expectations every time when a portion of the need is outside of LMN's specialties. Our family highly recommends LMN for anything your P-car may need! Maintenance, repairs, upgrades and track preps. Scooter... the shop mascot is awaiting your visit!

    2006 Porsche Cayenne turbo S
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  • DK
    DK8 years ago

    I'll keep it short and get to the point. Dealer quoted me over $5,000 to repair my rough PDK. Lutzo fixed it for $385. He also called some contacts to discuss my problem before hand AND called me after I picked the car up to make sure it was running okay. He's also worked on my previous car a Porsche 928. He's honest and fixes things rather than just throws new parts at a problem. No one will work on my car but him.

    2009 Porsche Cayman
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  • Stan
    Stan8 years ago

    I took my 2001 P car to get the clutch and IMS bearing looked at at LMN Motorsports. Lutzo discovered that my clutch was good but the IMS bearing was nearing the end of its life (probably only had a few thousand miles before disintegrating). Thanks to Lutzo I was saved a lot of grief and the cost of a new engine!

    I would definitely recommend this shop and his services to anyone that needs a Porsche repaired on any level.

    2001 Porsche 911 Cabriolet
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  • John
    John8 years ago

    If I lived out of state, I would take a week of vacation just to drive here to let Lutzo work on my vehicle. No one else is worth your time. He has a great crew and they care about your car as much as you do.

    Also found out where all the service records were!!! Was maintained here since new and is still being mainted here now. Previous owner picked up a new P-car and is still coming here. That is impressive.

    Now when I bought the car earlier this year the dealer had thrown on some junk to get it out the door and hoped no one would notice. And I didn't. Thanks to Lutzo and his crew, they replaced it and the car feels like it should now. It is my first Porsche so all I can say is I've learned so much.

    I won't be taking this car anywhere else and neither should you.

    2007 Porsche 911
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  • Dylan Laubscher
    Dylan Laubscher9 years ago

    Lutzo and team at LMN Motorsports are the best period.. I used to take my 911 to the Virginia Beach stealership...and wish I had known about LMN at that time. Now I only trust these guys to work on my Cayenne Turbo.

    Always friendly, honest, reliable, timely service.



    2004 Porsche Cayenne Turbo
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  • Brad
    Brad9 years ago

    Love this guy!

    Lutzo is fair, honest and best of all the only person in Hampton Roads that knows how to work on a Porsche! Bottom line is he is the best and knows these cars inside and out!

    Will never take my 2013 and under warranty car back to the auth dealer on VB Blvd....



    2013 Porsche 911
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  • Bobbi
    Bobbi9 years ago

    Lutzo is the best-period. He is always willing to take a look when I feel something isn't right with my car. None of the move you in, move you out like the dealerships. Professional, pleasant and excellent work always!

    2004 Porsche Cayenne S
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  • Jere Avenson
    Jere Avenson9 years ago

    I stopped by LMN for the first time today based upon a friends recommendation. Lutzo met me at the garage bay and I introduces myself. I asked if he only worked by appointment and he acknowledges he did but asked me what my problem was -- which I explained in few words. He asked me the model year and I told him. He said it's probably a fuel relay. When they fail their symptoms sound like that. He then said, before you leave let me swap out your relay and you drive it for a few days and see if the problem is solved. When I asked "how much" he said see if it fixes it first. Then you can pay me.

    The man knows the 944S as far as I'm concerned.

    1987 Porsche 944 S
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  • Ray
    Ray10 years ago

    My car needed a clutch and IMS bearing installed. My Porsche is my daily driver - my only car. Lutzo, knowing that I would struggle without a car, took my car immediately and had the job complete in 2.5 days. I have driven the car over one hundred miles since he completed the work and everything is functioning perfectly. The new clutch feels awesome.

    The thing that impressed me most about my experience dealing with Lutzo is that he called me shortly after I left the shop and checked up on me, making sure I thought the car felt good and that I was happy with the repair. Thanks for the customer service Lutzo!!


    1999 Porsche 911 Coupe (996)
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  • Rolf Jahn
    Rolf Jahn10 years ago

    Would you travel 1014 miles from Florida to Virginia Beach for your Porsche service experience? For a Porschephile there is nothing like having your Porsche drive-train separated from that beautiful 911 body. I've done two comprehensive performance and suspension builds with Lutzo and LMN Motorsports over the last 8 years.

    Lutzo knows all, Ray is pragmatic and confident and BJ gets it done-no detail is too small, they are a team and make your Porsche yours. I’m on my third 911 build with LMN motorsports, engine and drive-train separated from the body again.

    It does not matter if you need routine service, track car setup or a complete engine rebuild. Where ever you are-this is where your Porsche should be.

    2002 Porsche 911 Turbo
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  • John Kenyon
    John Kenyon10 years ago

    I used LMN Motorsports for a 'pre-purchase' inspection and was extremely satisfied with their detail and knowledge. Lutzo knows Porsches and is a very practical, detail oriented, and helpful advisor-technician. At LMN, you will get a great experience, learn a lot more about your car than you ever knew, and save money and time on maintenance and repairs. Highly recommended +++

    2005 Porsche 911TT S
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  • JT Taylor
    JT Taylor10 years ago

    5 out of 5 stars, period. I was interested in a '87 944S, had never owned one, and called Lutzo to pick his brain about the pending purchase (after reading the reviews on this site...had never met him). He and his team were extremely friendly and helpful, and they answered all of my questions. I ended up buying the car, taking it straight to them, and getting some preventative maintenance done right away at a very reasonable cost. LMN alone will have my Porsche auto maintenance business while I live in Va Bch.

    1987 Porsche 944S
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  • Damien Walsh
    Damien Walsh11 years ago

    Lutzo's LMN Motorsports is the type of facility car guys dream about: unsurpassed skills, reasonable rates, and no overselling. I recently had to replace the suspension in my car, which had worn out after 111 thousand miles. We researched replacement parts together and learned that instead of just replacing the struts, that I could replace all struts; the sway bars and bushings with the "rest of the world" Boxster suspension for just a few dollars more. It's this type of concern for and engagement with the customer that sets Lutzo apart from others. The new suspension is such an improvement, I have to work on new lines in the turns at VIR. Many thanks Lutzo. I also look forward to more discussions about wines.

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  • Alexander Jarvie
    Alexander Jarvie11 years ago

    Trip Of A Lifetime.

    Thats what was in store when I joined the "Yuppie Rally". A 5 day drive with 20 high performance cars from Boston, MA to Knoxville, TN and back. Our destination was the "Tail Of The Dragon", one of the most challenging roads in the country. The rally was to benefit Franciscan Children's Hospital - a great adventure for a great cause.

    My car for the trip: a heavily modified 2002 Porsche 996 Turbo with 650HP. A true monster of a car that would complete the 2500 mile journey in record time. Until it broke. On day 2, My co-driver and I began to notice smoke coming from the back of the car. Upon inspection we discovered that a power steering hose had developed a leak which was getting worse by the minute. We purchased a case of fluid from a local Porsche Dealer, filled the reservoir and pressed on. Bad idea. We made it to Williamsburg VA late on a Friday night and inspected the car again. The leak was now much worse and continuing any further without repair was no longer an option. Enter LMN Motorsports, and Lutzo the owner.

    I did a Google search for Porsche Mechanic in VA and found LMN's site.


    The site looked legit, and described Lutzo's experience with a Grand Am Racing Team. Just the type of guy we need on the fly. His shop was 66 miles from our hotel. We made a plan to call him early the next morning, hoping that he worked on Saturdays and would be able to help us out. We were 800 miles from home and not happy with the idea of dropping out of the rally.

    I called LMN early Saturday morning. Lutzo answered the phone and I filled him in on our situation. He told me that he was not planning to work that day, as he was home with a fever and sick as a dog. He did give me some advice on where the leak might be coming from, and advice on what parts may be needed. I thanked him for his time and now needed to come up with a Plan B. Just as my co-driver and I were contemplating our next move, Lutzo called me back. He said he would come in to help us. Amazing! We filled the power steering fluid again, set the navigation for LMN Motorsports and headed out. 66 Miles to go, fingers crossed.

    As soon as we arrived I knew we were in good hands. The parking lot at LMN was filled with Porsches of all varieties. Lutzo greeted us and drove the leaking Porsche into the bay. He didn't even stall the car, very easy to do with our Stage III Racing Clutch. He carefully put the car on his lift and started removing the airbox to find the problem. It was leaking from the exact spot he described over the phone, and needed a new hose. Now the bad news - he did not have such a hose in stock. He said he wanted to help us and would see what he could do. He had an old clutch assembly from one of his racing cars, and said he may be able to use parts from that to get us home. We were skeptical but already trusted Lutzo and had not much of a choice at the moment. We waited a few hours for the doctor to perform the surgery. He came back with good news. His modified hose looks like its going to do the trick. He topped off the power steering fluid one last time and started putting the car back together. He cleaned the engine bay and fired up the car. The hose was holding. He then pressure tested the pump and again, no issues. Looks like we will make it home after all - Lutzo had performed a miracle!

    We paid his very reasonable invoice, thanked him profusely and headed on to our next stop - Atlantic City, only 350 miles away. Lutzo headed home to get some rest and take care of his fever. The car made it to Atlantic City with zero issues. We checked the line upon arrival and his repair had worked like a charm. I got a text from Lutzo that night asking if we made it to AC. This guy really cares about his customers! I told him his repair worked great, and thanked him again. The next day we drove the final 370 miles from AC back home to Boston with zero issues. Lutzo texted me again that evening to make sure we made it all the way home. Incredible customer service from an incredible mechanic. Words can not describe how grateful we are for his help, or how impressed we are with both his work and follow through. Thanks Lutzo, you are a true Porsche Master!

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  • rosemary curtis
    rosemary curtis12 years ago

    I found LMN after being referred by several other placed that wouldn't work on my 1979 911. Honest and reasonable. I will return. Thank you.

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  • kenneth j cavallari
    kenneth j cavallari12 years ago

    What differentiates Lutzo at LMN motorsports from others is his character and integrity....you just know when you meet him that he is honest, fair and passionate about his work. His skill and attention to detail are simply icing on the cake. Bottom line- great service at a fair price= I am never going anywhere else with my Porsche!

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  • Lee Entsminger
    Lee Entsminger12 years ago

    We recently moved to Va Beach and Lutzo was highly recommended. He now takes care of both our 993 and Boxster S. We have been impressed with both his knowledge and his honest straight-forward approach. We were lucky to find Lutzo and are very happy to pass along our recommendation!

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  • Ecoformance Autohaus
    Ecoformance Autohaus12 years ago

    Lutzo is a class act and they only person we ever sub any Porsche work out to. If you have a 996 with a crunchy gearbox, or wailing diff. Call Gbox out in CO for a quote, and then call Lutzo. :) His work is only surpassed by his ethics.

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  • Barnell
    Barnell12 years ago

    Lutzo recently performed a 20k mile service on my 2007 911s. I was impressed; great service at a reasonable prices. I live in Yorktown and it was definitely worth the trip.

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  • Pat
    Pat12 years ago

    Only Lutzo works on my 968. Never over sells, never over charges, and always treats my car like its the only one in the shop. First rate repair with decades of Porsche experience.

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  • Nic Hindley
    Nic Hindley12 years ago

    I have recently moved into the area and was looking for somewhere to have my '99 Carrera serviced. The shop that I was recommended had closed down so I started looking on the internet and came up with LMN Motorsports. I called Lutzo to see if I could drop by for a chat about my requirements; he was completely flexible about me just dropping in, a very nice change. During that initial meeting Lutzo was brilliant, he did not try to sell me anything but he did connect the Porsche computer so that when I did need a service we were starting from a clean slate. I mentioned the car was 'squeaking' so we set up an appointment for him to try and find it. To cut a long story short, LMN worked on the car for 6 hours trying to locate the squeak eventually finding that it was slightly loose spark plugs allowing air past the rubber seal. The dedication of Lutzo and his team is second to none, he cares about the cars and also the owners. He is extremely conscientious when it comes to the work and fair when it comes to the bill. LMN Motorsports now have a dedicated customer. I found other comments on this site very useful and encouraging, now having experienced LMN Motorsports for myself I felt I had to add my own review; anyone with a Porsche should take it to Lutzo, they will not be disappointed.

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  • Alex Bell
    Alex Bell12 years ago

    Lutzo has the skills for street and track set ups. What sets him apart is his concern for the driver's safety and comfort. My 2001 Carrera is a track car only used for DE and PCA Club Racing Stock H. The car handles extremely well because of Lutzo's knowledge of the track, and this has helped me become a better driver. He is also a great resource for decisions on car modifications. He never suggests spending money on a mod unless it will add benefit to a car set up. He also knows the Cayenne, Boxster, Cayman as well as the older air cooled Porsches.

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  • Tim Jankiewicz
    Tim Jankiewicz12 years ago

    I recently had work done on my 2003 996 Turbo. The water pump went out. I have to admit that I was a little apprehensive taking the car to an unknown (to me) repair shop. I must say that the work performed by LMN Motorsports was second to none. I had a great Porsche mechanic in Orlando who I completely trusted the car with before moving to Virginia Beach. It's very reassuring to have found an expert Porsche shop here in Virginia Beach. Lutzo really knows his Porsche's, hands down. You can bet that any future work required on my turbo or my wife's Boxster S will be done by LMN Motorsports. Thanks again Lutzo for the great experience!

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  • Chuck
    Chuck12 years ago

    I will not let anyone else work on my Porsche. Fantastic service the first time every time!

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  • Mike
    Mike13 years ago

    My 2005 911 received a major scheduled service there. I'm very satisfied at less than 1/3 the cost from Checkered Flag.

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  • Anthony
    Anthony13 years ago

    I have a 1991 928 GT and take it to this shop for maintenance and the service is top notch!

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