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Porsche repair in El Paso, TX.

P.C.A. Member and past president of the Carrera Region for 24 years, working on Porsche for 30+ years. I service all Porsche from 356s to current models. I have the factory computer to diagnose and reset service reminders up to current models.

With Lenny's wealth of knowledge and experience gained through more than 30 years as a automotive mechanic, race car driver, race car fabricator, you can be sure that your Porsche, special vintage and high performance needs will be in good hands!


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  • Martin Pineda1 year ago

    Had my 2001 Porsche Carrera serviced and fixed with Lenny at Redline Racing and I was very satisfied with the quality of service, promptness of completion and value for services rendered. Will definitely keep using for all my service/repair needs

  • Robert3 years ago

    Always great service!

  • Luis Jara10 months ago

  • Jourdan Bethea1 year ago

  • David Ballantine1 year ago

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16 Reviews

  • Robert Nitzburg
    Robert Nitzburg3 years ago

    Lenny is simply the BEST. After the warranty ran out on my 08 Cayman S, I was told of Lenny and went to see him. This guy knows his stuff and unlike the dealers I had worked with in San Antonio and Albuquerque, he doesn't act like he's doing you a favor. I've had major work done on both my 08 and 01 Boxter and Lenny has always bent over backwards to accommodate. I've been recommending Lenny to everyone who has a Porsche. Snooty Porsche dealers could learn a thing or two from him.

    2008 Porsche Cayman S
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  • Robert Matulich
    Robert Matulich3 years ago

    Lenny is a great guy, know's his stuff.. Reasonable prices and I'm very happy with his work.

    2008 Porsche 997 Carerra S
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  • FredO
    FredO4 years ago

    Lenny is the best. He set the precedent for first class customer service, and performance advice. He took care of my 964C2 for 20 years. And now is doing the same for my CS.

    2007 Porsche CS
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  • John
    John4 years ago

    I've taken my car to Lenny at Redline Racing for annual service and minor maintenance. Not only is Lenny very knowledgeable with reference to Porsche but he is a very personable guy. In addition, he charges a lot less than what a dealer charges for comparable service.

    2006 Porsche Cayman S
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  • Omar
    Omar5 years ago

    Best Porsche shop experience in the world! Lenny is a great guy and a great friend. Honest and true to his word which I value in today's World. My Porsche is like new and restoring it has been a blast thus far.

    2000 Porsche 911 Carrera
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  • TJ
    TJ5 years ago

    I had few concerns about a 2008 Cayenne S I recently purchased from a private party seller. I called Lenny at Redline Racing several times to ask some questions and he was very honest and helpful. He is a mechanic you would wish to be your neighbor. I went to show him my Cayenne and he listened to the engine and checked oil and checked me out all for free. Wow! Thank you very much.

    2008 Porsche Cayenne S
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  • Zeus Moncivais
    Zeus Moncivais5 years ago

    I just met Lynn in Jan 2017. Took my Cayman S for a simple oil change to Redline Racing. Lynn did an outstanding job and replaced all the air filters as well. I am very happy to learn that there is a real Porsche mechanic in town. I owe him a nice tequila bottle for next service.

    2007 Porsche Cayman S
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  • Andrew Medley
    Andrew Medley7 years ago

    I have trusted Lenny with all of my past 911s always will, without hesitation. He is simply the best Porsche mechanic/tuner in the Southwest, and is incredibly reasonable. From the first time I met him, he's always been the most honest person I've met in the business. I've grown to become great friends with Lenny over the past 18+ years.

    2009 Porsche Carrera S
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  • James Morrison
    James Morrison8 years ago

    While driving from LA to Las Cruces, I had a mechanical problem just outside of Lordsburg. Stuck in the middle of the desert, I reached out to Lenny. We discussed the issue (an apparent oil/air separator failure) and, although he was willing to take on the work, he recommended backtracking to Porsche of Tucson for repairs. His remote diagnosis and advice were both right on the money. Porsche of Tucson confirmed the problem, made the repair, and treated me right. I highly recommend Lenny and Redline Racing for you Porsche service needs.

    2007 Porsche Cayman
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  • Robert
    Robert8 years ago

    He's good. Honest, and knows his S... about Porsche's.

    2007 Porsche 911 Carerra S
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  • Fernando M. Rincón
    Fernando M. Rincón9 years ago

    Not only is Lenny a great and friendly guy, but his car knowledge is invaluable and indispensable! He knows how to fix your vehicle fast and at a fair price, compared to another very pricey local Porsche mechanic, as I have seen over the past 2 years in dealing with Lenny. Keep up the great work at Redline Racing!

    Porsche Boxster
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  • Bob Nitzburg
    Bob Nitzburg10 years ago

    Lenny has saved my butt many times.

    My boss told me of him after my warranty ran out, and after many trips to San Antonio for service and visits to see my 2 daughters.

    When Lenny fixes stays fixed.

    I had an air-oil seperator problem that apparently is common in Cayman/Boxter models.

    I thought I'd blown the engine.

    Lenny very calmly found the problem and fixed it.

    I had a 1973 911S, and a wiife and 3 kids later, found my "dream car", a dark green over beige Cayman S,

    With the closest Porsche dealer in Albuquerque to the North, Tucson to the West and San Antonio to the East, Lenny's Red Line Racing is an oasis in the desert.

    His prices are reasonable compaired to Porsche new car dealers, in fact it's oil change time next week and I'm really looking forward to talking "all things Porsche" with Lenny.

    If you own any Porsche model in need of a "fix".....Lenny's THE MAN"!

    2008 Porsche S
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  • Memo
    Memo11 years ago

    Lenny is a great guy and most importantly his knowledge and experience about Porsche vehicles are amazing. I would highly recommend Redline Racing for your Porsche needs.

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  • Ruben V
    Ruben V11 years ago

    My 911 was having the hardest time starting in the mornings I went through what I thought could be the problem with no luck it would not start, I got online to look for the Porsche dealer that was closest to me “ Albuquerque or Tucson” and this site came up, from reading feedback left on Redline Racing I decided I would give them a call, I was greeted by Lenny who was interested and immediately started working on my car, sure enough he found the problem and did a professional job on my car. I am going back to this guy for all my repairs and service period.

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  • max winter
    max winter11 years ago

    I have known Lenny for about 10yrs. In that time he has given me excellent advice in regards to Porsches. I have been fiddle farting with 944's for as long as I've known him. When I get stuck he has always kept me on track. You will not find a more amiable person to help with your baby (Porsche that is). In El Paso you will be hard pressed to find a person better suited to fix or improve your Porsche.

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  • Mike Gersch
    Mike Gersch12 years ago

    I was traveling from Austin to San Diego. 100 miles from El Paso my Boxster overheated. I already knew their was no Porsche dealers in El Paso. But I found this web sight on a google search. I phoned Lenny. Had my car transported to Redline Racing. Lenny tested my system and confirmed that my water pump failed. He promptly ordered a new pump had it shipped overnight. In the mean time he did the disassembly of the pump, replaced my worn belt, air filters and hooked me up with one of his vendors, as I needed two new rear tires. By noon the next day I was on my way.

    Lenny is a quality person that you don't find often. He has a passion for Porsches. I'm glad I found him and I'm glad I met him. When I pass through El Paso again I will be taking him to dinner.

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