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1 Review

  • Clagett
    Clagett6 years ago

    Took my car there the middle of 2013. Thomas told me this would be a three week job after he had me transfer $2000 to pull the engine. He decided to send the engine to a "friend" in CA which is not that uncommon for a Porsche 911 motor. This was going to take 4-8 weeks and I had to transfer $8000 more to him. Months went by. After 8weeks I was begging Thomas to just reply to me ( I live three hours away). I would have to call from different number just to get him to answer. I ask from the beginning where he sent the motor. He mumbled Mr Motor in southern CA. I couldn't find it on a google search. Months went by. I demanded he tell me where he sent the motor. He finally admitted Motor Meister ( goggle that place for fun). It was there then they closed. He lost my motor. It took sever weeks and begging to get him to replace it with a used motor. He said he had a motor with 41k and would up grade the ims bearing for extra money. Because this motor is useless without the bearing I said to put it in. He said I would have a month warranty and a year option for $1000. I wanted the year of course. Then he asked if I could pick up the car and motor and take it somewhere. I laughed. I though he was joking. He wasn't. I said no I'd like to at least drive it off. He told me it was ready and to bring the final payment of $2-3k (I'd have to look it up to be sure. I get there with my dad that was going to drive one car back. My car was running but missing and spitting. He said it was a vacuum line and if I could waste an hour in Clarksville. Two hours later it was ready. At that point I forget to get paper work for the information promised on the used motor having 41k miles and the ims I paid for. This was my big mistake. I text him on the way home and ask him to email it. This is mid December 2013. That's how long he had this 3 week job (6 months). Check engine light came on the next week. It was in my local shop and out and back in. Two months go by like this and it started knocking. It was hauled to Jackson to a porsche shop and he told me I had a bad engine. I called Thomas he said he washed his hands clean of this and when I ask for documentation on the work done he hung up. Good day Thomas.

    2002 Porsche 911 Cabriolet
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