Porsche Cayman 987 Power Steering Failure

 Porsche Cayman 987

The Porsche Cayman 987—manufactured between 2005 and 2012—was initially unveiled at the Frankfort Motor Show, and shortly thereafter won over a dozen of the automotive industry’s most prestigious awards. Named after a relative of the alligator, the Cayman is a powerful two-seat luxury sports car that has been proven to perform similarly to the Porsche flagship, the 911 Carrera. Some owners report experiencing a power steering failure with their 987 Cayman.

Power steering was developed as a way to make the steering of the car require far less effort. The days before power steering saw drivers exerting a tremendous amount of energy on simply turning the steering wheel. Now, when we turn the wheel the power steering takes most of the burden of turning the wheels, making driving a far more enjoyable—and safe—experience.

Early signs of power steering failure can include many things. You might hear oddly loud squealing when you turn the wheel sharply, or you might notice that the steering is becoming increasingly difficult to handle. Another prominent sign is when the steering wheel is jumpy or jittery, even when the car is at a complete stop. These all could be signs of other problems, but taken together, they usually indicate a malfunction of the power steering, which is a dangerous issue for car owners to deal with.

Finding yourself suddenly without the normal aid of the power steering can leave you in a potentially dangerous situation. The change in the car’s performance can easily throw off even the most seasoned drivers. This is why we highly suggest that you take your 987 to a nearby Porsche repair expert for a comprehensive diagnostic of the steering system.

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