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7310 SW Macadam Ave,
Portland, OR 97219 US
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At Marque Motors, we don't just specialize in Porsche; we also include Audi, Volkswagen, BMW and MINI; we live them and we understand them. If there's a problem, we'll solve it, better yet, prevent it from happening again.

You own one of the most finely crafted automobiles available today. Cars whose lineage can actually be traced back to a race track instead of a computer.

As technology has evolved so have today's cars. Designed into the modern automobile are multiple computers to analyze and calculate data for all your operating systems and comfort needs while driving.

The most important element of owning an automobile is providing quality and proper maintenance. Your automobile is most likely your second largest investment next to your home. Taking care of your car is vital and important for your transportation needs. Our staff of skilled professionals will assist you in maintaining your car, optimizing performance to help make repairs more cost effective in the long run.

1 Review

  • Roger Bothwell
    Roger Bothwell8 years ago

    I took my old 911 to Marque Motors last winter for some serious long term problems and as they were finding solutions they kept in contact with me all along; the work they did was superb and the car now runs like new. I would highly recommend them to any Porsche or Audi owner.

    1981 Porsche SC
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