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As the only exclusive to Porsche Service facility, we have made an indelible mark in the Porsche automobile arena over the past 57 years, and continue to do so today. We are the ONLY exclusive to Porsche facility. At Formula Motorsports, we offer a range of services for your Porsche automobile. Our service offerings facilitate Porsche models from 1948-2024. Comprising of Porsche Restoration, Porsche Collision, Porsche Repair, Porsche Annual Servicing, Porsche Engine & Gearbox, Porsche Procurement, Porsche Expert Witness Services, and Porsche Motorsport services. As part of the Porsche Partner Network we have access to factory literature designed to efficiently diagnose your Porsche per original process'.

Our service ensures you retain your Porsche factory warranty as if you went to Zuffenhausen itself. Nothing is more rewarding to us than a satisfied client, browse the hundreds of client testimonials by scrolling down to our review section below. Being the only full-service exclusive to Porsche center, the services that we provide are incomparable. Our approach is predicated on building a long term relationship, whether servicing your 992 Sport Classic driven to the office or procuring a collection exceeding eight-digit valuations.

Our typical client appreciates the passion we have for the Porsche automobile as they share the same in their chosen profession. Artists, captains of industry, musicians, and everything in between. The shared passion for the best products and service is why they choose Formula Motorsports time and time again for the past 58 years.

Conveniently located 5 minutes from 59th Street/Lexington Avenue subway station via the N, R, W or 7, M , E subway lines, LIRR - Woodside station and only 10 minutes from midtown via complimentary Uber available upon request. Our full-service Porsche center is easily accessible from all five boroughs, as well as, Long Island, Connecticut and New Jersey. Transportation services are available upon request for our West Coast and International clientele.

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  • Hands down the most professional and easiest shop I have visited. Michael is very knowledgeable and a straight forward guy. Everything requested was taken care of in a timely manner. Will be returning for future maintenance and performance work. Thank you team Formula Motorsports and Michael!

    Richy, via Google
  • Fantastic experience with Michael and the team at Formula Motorsports. I can't say enough about the satisfaction and peace of mind I gained knowing they were taking care of my car. To put it plainly, I live about two hours from this facility and it is worth the commute even in rush hour on a holiday weekend. Thanks again.

    Danny K., via Google
  • Michael and the team are great! Gave me great advice on how to get the most out of my new Porsche. Really nice knowledgeable people.

    Ben G., via Google

16 Reviews

  • Nick
    Nick 7 years ago

    After getting delivered my dreamer I chose Formula Motorsports to perform the paint protection required. I had Michael install an xpel wrap on my entire car at a price which was not cheap. The install was flawless. Perfect! Given the investment I made in a 911 R I was worried but I was steered to them by a friend who was a client already. I believe I received what I paid for and then some. Before the fact the job was quoted and he stood behind it even though they had to remove the bumpers, lights and replace my badging. He had the factory template for the badge so I was not worried. Next step is a bar to hold my belts which I am entrusting them again for a flawless install. I could not be happier with the time it took or the quality I got back. I am happy to leave this review as requested.

    2016 Porsche 911R
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  • Alan G.
    Alan G.8 years ago

    I'm very happy to find Mike and Formula Motorsports. Quick note there is a car wash called formula 1-this is not the same place! Spending over one hundred thousand dollars on a car at porsche and having an issue within the first few thousand miles is very disappointing . I brought the car to my dealer in NJ a total of three times to solve my engine light that came on with no luck. Having heard from coworkers who both had a Porsche this was certainly an issue that must be addressed. Off one of their recommendations I emailed Mike who responded back with exactly what he thought the issue was with all of the technical information one would expect from a factory engineer. I did have to wait 3 days before bringing in my car as they we booked. Get this. Car was repaired the same day I brought it in. Mike purchased the part needed from Porsche and done! Turned out to be a sensor part. What does it matter. Point is job got done quick and right. Was not cheap by no stretch of the imagination but I was more than fine with paying to have a problem no one else could fix get fixed. Mike did explain to me that in a service like this without having Porsche software and documentation the neighborhood and even porsche mechanic at the dealer would be lost and not to blame them. I will say he comes off a little blunt but I rather someone coming off blunt and confident than confused and deflecting my issue blaming my driving which I was told form the dealer. Like all the other reviewers I will recommend Mike and all the guys there and will be using them for everything. Very disappointed with dealer service. I felt they really had no idea about Porsche repairs and were there to sell cars only. I wish they would have had at least one person who knew about cars after I spent six figures with them.

    2015 Porsche Cayenne Turbo S
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  • Jon Struden
    Jon Struden9 years ago

    Formula Motorsport was my first choice to swap my exhaust on my GT3 and it's first oil and filer replacement. Basically the three guys I know at my job who are Porsche owners referred me and are current clients. From what I was told from my friends and the staff at the shop they are the pinnacle of this Porsche thing. I saw some other garage type operations on the internet but after paying 160000K for my car it deserves the real experts. Car was serviced in one day and I was able to learn everything about it as they had a 14 model completely taken apart to chassis. The expertise it must take to completely reassemble and repair the entire car is something. If your a street driver or track driver this is the place.

    2015 Porsche 911 GT3
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  • Victor
    Victor9 years ago

    Had an accident with my Carrera S and was recommended by a friend to Formula Motorsports. From start to finish I was totally confident that the job was going to be performed as if it was in the factory. I was able to look at a black 991 Turbo that just had the nose painted which made me feel much better about the process. They dealt with insurance and made sure job was done perfect. Had multiple friends mention orange peel and so forth so I knew what to look for. Job was flawless. Would certainly recommend to a friend and they will now be the only place I take my car for service and upgrades.

    2014 Porsche 911 Carrera S
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  • Peter Barth
    Peter Barth9 years ago

    Took my Cayenne S in to Formula Motorsports for a 50000 mile service. Price was lower than dealer and service great. They only used all porsche parts and were able to get car to me same day. I brought them a bottle for thanks. They said revising is thanks enough as we shared a bottle of wine ;-0 Thanks Mark and staff

    2009 Porsche Cayenne S
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  • John Forngen
    John Forngen10 years ago

    Bought a Cayman S mostly for going out east during the summer and Driver Ed days at the track. Michael was very upfront with me about making changes to the car considering I am a novice in the sport. Unlike the shop I brought the car into on LI for an initial oil change I was not marketed aftermarket items or pressured at Formula. They made the whole experience was what one would come to expect from a Porsche center. They are not going to be the cheapest when it comes to the indy shops but about 50% less than what I was quoted at my dealer. Looking forward to attending their events in Manhattan as I hear from other clients they are very nice.

    2014 Porsche Cayman S
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  • David
    David10 years ago

    I used Formula Motorsports for an out of town PPI on a car I was considering in the New York area. It was nice to deal with people who really know what they are doing, are professional in their work and provide a high quality of service.

    Their insight and opinions on this potential purchase was extremely helpful in my decision process. These guys offer honest advice and their feedback was greatly valued. It is obvious that the guys at Formula Motorsports really know what they are doing. As far as I am concerned, their advice is priceless in regard to my purchase decision and well worth the cost of the inspection.

    If I lived in the area, these are the guys I would use for all my Porsche needs.

    1987 Porsche Carrera
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  • Matt
    Matt10 years ago

    Best Porsche Service I have ever had.

    I bought my first Porsche when I was 24-a lonely 944. I have since upgraded to a 997.2 Turbo I love this car. After using some shops in Long Island not to be named I wanted to throw up in mouth. People think if they put a sign up that say Porsche they know how to fix them. My favorite line from one guy was "we are Porsche experts"- I had the only Porsche in the place. After the last incident with said "expert" I went online search of a doctor that can at least cure this illness without making more problems. I came across Formula Motorsports. After calling them I knew immediately this was the place for me. Michael spent 30 minutes on the phone with me telling me all about the 911 Turbo from 78 to today. I was very happy with his extensive knowledge about the car. Knowing him now I have full trust in him. The guy has been working on Porsche's since he is 6 months old and father since 16- I know like since the start of Porsche. Their pricing is about 30% less than the NYC dealer. Being so close to NYC I understand they are not a discount place. But you know what to get it done right by a pro costs money and its less than the guy 1 hour away- yes taking the train back to NYC stinks. I hope these guys are there forever. Next service is an upgrade to my turbo charges are exhaust- I will keep everyone posted it is supposed to be awesome- Matt

    2011 Porsche Turbo
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  • Alex Twersky
    Alex Twersky11 years ago

    The guys at Formula Motorsports are Porsche pros! i brought my car in for service and they accurately identified all of the issues that needed to be addressed to ensure my car remained roadworthy and fun to drive. i especially appreciated their fast turnaround, and an emphasis on only making necessary repairs instead of hunting for reasons to inflate the bill like some other mechanics do. don't get me wrong, they're not cheap, but they are highly knowledgeable when it comes to performance cars.

    Porsche Boxster S
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  • Asaf G.
    Asaf G.11 years ago

    I have been a customer at Formula for over 2 years and I would highly recommend them to any Porsche owner. Besides their high level of knowledge and craftsmanship, you get a secure sense of honestly which is really hard to fine with any auto shop. Mark's resume is one of the best in the business as he has been doing this longer than I have been alive. And, Michael is a great guy!

    I own an older 911; and, I have watched them slowly transform my car into a world-class restored classic. As a result I have been a customer of all facets of their business, and I could not be happier!

    1981 Porsche Targa
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  • Tom Cuhaj
    Tom Cuhaj11 years ago

    Quality, efficiency and honesty are hard to beat. Formula Motorsports is a winner.

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  • James Honderich
    James Honderich11 years ago

    Mark and Michael at Formula Motorsports are the only people I'll ever trust with my '87 Carrera, as their work is always timely and flawless. Their knowledge and expertise regarding all things Porsche is beyond impressive...and, I find their shop to be somewhat of a sanctuary from daily life. Whenever I pick my car up; they'll walk me around and discuss the various Porsches they're currently working on after offering me a drink, which always helps take the sting out of the money I'm spending on repairs. They're not only experts in their craft; they've also mastered the art of customer service.

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  • Jeff Phillips
    Jeff Phillips11 years ago

    My '01 996 C4 recently "stranded" me on the Upper West Side of New York City when its hydraulic clutch line blew out (and some other related issues) while pulling into a parking garage. Although getting the car to nearby Manhattan Motorcars, Technik1 or Manhattan Auto Repair would have been a lot easier, I opted instead to have it flatbedded over to Michael Tashjian at Formula Motorsports in Long Island City. This was my first experience with this shop and with Michael. Michael was thorough and professional from the initial contact through the day I picked up the car. He informed me of not only the best and most expensive option(s) available but also of the quickest and least costly path to getting back on the road. He repaired the car quickly and when a small misunderstanding arose in regard to the invoice, he showed an unsual and refreshing level of open-mindedness in his approach and final resolution; especially since the misunderstanding was really wihin me alone. The guy knows his stuff cold, he runs a neat and organized shop, he takes all the time in the world on the phone and in person to explain everything, and he's a true Porsche and racing nut as well he should be! I recommend Michael and Formula Motorsports without reservation. Long Island City sounds far, but it's not. I'll be back!

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  • Thomas
    Thomas11 years ago

    Formula Motorsports was awesome! These guys were building a cup car engine and a GT3 one at once in an engine room. They had literally 25 Porsche's in their shop and a Carerra GT and the owners 962. Totally worth the effort from NJ to get there. A+ Thanks guys for replacing the front of my GT3- yeah Watkins Glen got me (you know how those guard rails chase you.


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  • P
    P12 years ago

    Formula Motorsports is the only place I will ever bring my Porsche Cayenne. They are honest and well priced which is suprising being so close to city. Thanks- Polina

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  • Barry Silvermann
    Barry Silvermann15 years ago

    I've been bringing my 'baby' to Mark at Formula Motorsports for over 15 years now (meaning I started using him when I was only 16, naturally!) but in all honesty, I have checked out other repair shops in the area, and there is no doubt that Mark knows his stuff. He won't bs you though, so get ready for what could be some tough love, but frankly, that's what you should want when tending to such a beautiful piece of machinery. Mark's a great guy, you can tell how well respected he is in the automoible community because there are always people just stopping in the shop. I find myself coming by in between necessary visits just to see what's new, he's always got something unbelievable in for everyone to see, and he's always got a great story to go with it. He races too (if you are involved in the PCA community, you already know this as he has quite a following) but same deal with his coaching, he's the real deal. One of the last tried and true Porsche fanatics, an automobile hero in my eyes! Here's a man who makes a living doing what the rest of us only dreamt of doing in our 20's...and he's damn good at it too.

    See you at the track in the Spring Mark and crew!

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