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Porsche specialty shop - M96 M97 engine specialist, computer diagnostics, IMS upgrade, maintenance services, PCA tech inspections, pre-purchase inspections.

2 Reviews

  • Sam
    Sam6 years ago

    This guy is the real deal. He knows his stuff and also explains it well enough that even myself can understand it. I have a 2006 911 with a M97 engine also known as having the "big bearing" IMS. I've been told by everyone that nothing can be done with the IMS unless I want a whole engine tear down but he showed me a product that can extend the life of my IMS. I'm really glad someone recommended me to him, and so here I am recommending him to others. You will be glad you found him.

    2006 Porsche 911
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  • M
    M8 years ago

    This guy is the one. He's a great mechanic but also goes above and beyond to do the right thing. I had my Porsche in there for a simple service and he went out of his way to fix a lot of little things that were annoyances. There was even an electrical draw on the battery that I tolerated for years, and no one was able to solve. He found it and took care of it. He has connections with other Porsche purists and can get any part and can fix anything, no matter how big or small. I highly recommend him. Even better, he is a great guy, real friendly and able to communicate complex systems in layman's terms.

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