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8040 Washington Boulevard,
Jessup, MD 20794 US
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Whether you need more horsepower for the track or regular maintenance for the street, TPC Racing has you covered. We offer only the finest products and services to keep your vehicle performing at its best.

2 Reviews

  • James
    James3 years ago

    First visit to TPC Racing after owning my 2013 Porsche Boxster S for a few months. I called a few times before going there, but something seemed off when I met them in person. During drop-off, pickup and the mid-day phone check-in I felt pressured to give them more work, (dyno, fluids, tuning/etc.). I was even told that aftermarket exhaust/headers was a waste of money and Porsche knows best since they have a high stock value of a small country...okay, nice to know. Anyway, come pickup time I get the invoice and it's for hundreds more then the quote I was given twice on the phone, including the day I scheduled the appointment. For a company that seems desperate for your business and referrals they certainly didn't do me any favors. As I'm walking out the same mouthy mechanic says I got a great deal on the labor, I guess he knew I was already tired of his chatting and wanted to drive the final nail in coffin.

    2013 Porsche Boxster S
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  • Tom Smith
    Tom Smith12 years ago

    I had a 1981 911SC, setup for the driver's ed. This car was outstanding and ran like a top!! My clutch went up and instead of going to my usual mechanic (RPM) in VA (an hour away), I called TPC (15 minutes away) to see if they had experience with a 911SC clutch. They said they did. To make a LONG story short, I had it towed to their shop. That is important since I did not drive it, there was NO 'proof' of how it was running prior to them working on my car. When I picked the car up it was running BAD. The car was returned to TPC and I spent ANOTHER $1800.00 into tuning, BUT it still ran very bad. I had to take the car to RPM, who found that when they (TPC) dropped the engine they did not disconnect one electronic cable and damaged the connector. RPM repaired the connector, provided a written description of the damaged connector. Using this information and my persistance (4 months) I was able to get a refund for the NEW parts installed during tune-up attempt.

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