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We have company vision, goals, philosophy, and objectives: To become the number one independent repairer and pre-owned seller of fine European automobiles in New Orleans. Respect by the vehicle owners and others in our trade for our level of service, ability, and integrity is what we will achieve. If we do so success will follow.

Primary focus will be Porsche at NOLAsport; other makes will be a natural progression. Our staff will be passionate about the cars; they will share the same enthusiasm as the owners, if not more. All have achieved Porsche Certification through their training. The technical and product knowledge they posses will embrace the trust of the owners and build comfort and confidence in our business relationship.

As Porsche owners, Jean-Marc and I have the insight of what other client's hopes and expectations will be. 25 years of Porsche is what I personally will bring to NOLAsport; 16 years at an Authorized Dealer. I have managed Sales, Service, and Parts departments with measurable success. I am hands on, not chair bound. I have a very well rounded base for my decisions with this experience. I know that a short sited decision can benefit one area at the long term detriment of the whole operation.


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2 Reviews

  • David Huber
    David Huber4 years ago

    I highly recommend Nolasport as I not only got a fair price but unusually excellent service. I found the car on the internet and bought it sight unseen trusting Jon as his reviews were very good. He arranged the shipping, did a full inspection and lube and got some small paint work and wheel damage done along with changing the battery without asking for extra money. Great to do business with people that go beyond what is expected.

    2012 Porsche 911 S
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  • Jacque Touzet
    Jacque Touzet10 years ago

    NOLAsport is the real deal. Most of the crew there worked directly with Porsche through the local dealership. When that closed, they opened their shop and brought all of that experience and talent they earned over the years at the dealership. So, you get the best of both worlds. Porsche factory quality work and experience with the lower prices of an independent shop. This is the only place I will ever bring my Porsche! Shop with confidence if you are looking at one of their pre-owned vehicles.

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