R Fischer Motors

22221 Hillveiw Drive,
Barrington, IL 60010 US
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Specializing in German auto repair, including Porsche repair, in Barrington, IL.

5 Reviews

  • Thomas Stefancic
    Thomas Stefancic5 years ago

    I used Fischer Motors after an unpleasant experience with another Porsche repair shop. Rick was honest and competent with his assessment and repair. They are an hour drive one way and worth the time. I highly recommend Fischer for your Porsche work!

    2002 Porsche 986 Boxster S
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  • Tom
    Tom6 years ago

    I have a very low mileage Porsche Boxster S that hadn't been driven a lot and needed an overall inspection. After talking to a couple of Porsche dealers who recommended a full service maintenance package at around $2000 I decided to shop around on the internet. I ultimately decided to go with Fischer Motors after discussing the situation with Nik. He suggested starting with an oil and brake fluid change and then go from there after a physical inspection. He quoted just under $400 which was the final bill that included servicing my K&N air filter. Nik is very professional and handled my car efficiently. I had also inquired about possibly upgrading my suspension and he gave me possible alternatives. Overall, I'm glad I found Fischer Motors. They seem like people that you can trust and perform only the necessary work at a fair price. I also own a VW GTI which they can service as well so I was able to kill two birds with one stone!

    2000 Porsche Boxster S
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  • Ray
    Ray11 years ago

    Experience and integrity are at their core. Between Rick and Peter, they helped me save my 911 factory Turbo-Look from the salvage yard. First they knew from experience what to look to determine that the chasis was not damaged. Second they worked closely with a Porsche experienced, high-tech collision shop to make sure repairs were restoring the 911 to as close to 100% as any man-made machine can be. Third, they reworked the power train, especially the trans/axle and rear suspension to make it tracked and performed like the 911 I knew and loved. And finally, throughout this ordeal they set and met expectations. No BS or exaggerated promises. Rick and Peter did what was needed, in the most economical way. That was in 1999. Today, 2010, I still say 'Thank you' as I enjoy the car as a daily driver and DE/autocross.

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  • Jim
    Jim11 years ago

    I was quoted a price at the dealer to replace some control arm bushings on an Audi RS 6, which weren't covered under warranty. Rick Fischer decided that it was cheaper for me to just replace the entire control arms rather than perform the labor-intensive bushing replacement process. Trust is key with any mechanic, and I totally trust Fischer Motors. I have to drive 60 miles to get there, but the peace of mind is well worth it.

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  • Brian
    Brian12 years ago

    I broke the key off in the ignition of my 911. I was forced to tow the car to Fischer motors. After quoting me a $700.00 new ignition switch, we decided mutually to make absulotely sure that the old one could not be saved first. Apparently, they took it out of the car and managed to remove the broken piece once the lock was on a bench in a vise. Total cost was about $250.00 (two hours labor and a new key). I bring this up because most places are not willing to take the time to do anything other than remove and refit. Actual bench work is a lost art. It is much harder work for the shop just to save the customer a little money. I was grateful and have been using them for far more complicated work ever since.

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