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Specializing in Porsche rust repair, body, chassis, upholstery and all phases of restoration primarily 60s-70s models. We also service classic European, Prewar Packard and perform race car body manufacturing.

Classic Porsche Restorations

Restore Porsche is an ArtCar Inc. company locally owned and operated in sunny South Florida. Although the website is fairly new, our team of restoration specialists have been working with classic Porsches since 1986. Limiting our services to the restoration of only classic Porsches has allowed us to gain an extensive knowledge-base of these cars, as well providing comfort and confidence to our employees. Their experience is shown in the excellent craftsmanship and quality that they present in a finished vehicle.

Our Dream

We like to think that people understand the great simplicity in the engineering of these early Porsches, whose design was far ahead of the times before and is still efficient today. Design and brilliance aside, the sleeping mold that is rust, has threatened to take these treasures off the roads and into our junk yards. For years we have focused on early Porsches with a great deal of rust repair & panel replacements to bring back original strength and beauty.

Why Restore a Classic Porsche?

These particular older Porsches have shown great potential. As many other markets are weak, certain specialty collector cars prove to be safe investments! While many cars are not worth the time to repair, we can assist in finding the right project if you do not have something in mind already.

Restoration offerings extend only to early Porsches with some exceptions.

1 Review

  • Shane Humble
    Shane Humble7 years ago

    My biggest regret is not finding Paul at ArtCar sooner. I dropped off my 66' 3 weeks ago and they meticulously went through the vehicle prioritizing the items needed based on safety, road legality, mechanical and then performance. I could not have been happier with their level of enthusiasm and knowledge they possess on these air cooled Porsches. His staff is great, particularly Kevin, he kept me informed and comfortable with the work being done. I can tell you after using alternative shops in my area that their honesty and fair approach is so refreshing. I look forward to working with them on future purchases and getting this 50 year old beauty in tip top shape.

    1966 Porsche 912
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