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11617 Hadley St,
Whittier, CA 90601 US
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Specializing in Porsche repair in La Habra, CA. Game-Face Motorsports offers the highest quality Porsche repair and service, street or track in Orange County. On site Dyno Jet 248 Chassis Dynomometer, available for rent (you provide your tuner) or we can tune your car for optimum Horsepower. Why trust your Porsche to anyone else? Come see us in La Habra for expert Porsche service, repair and maintenance.

2 Reviews

  • Miss T
    Miss T11 years ago

    Oh. I forgot to mention, if you ever get a gameface motorsports buisness card on your porsche its me!!!! I have perfect confindence that sergio will take care of you.... Whats more important money or what you drive ?? And if you dont have the money to invest in porsche you shouldnt be driving one or two or three. He knows his engines repairs, for him its a sinch or transmission repair !!!! Need i say anything else ?? I will continue to buy porsche , cuz he is my mechanic..... The man knows his porsches !!!!! Miss t.

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    LYDIA TRESSLER11 years ago

    well.... let me just say this , if it wasnt for sergio nardi at gameface motorsports, with his experience , i wouldnt be driving 3 porsches, yes.... he is the only one to ever work on my cars, i have an 86 carrera targa , a 97 targa, and my newest is a 2001 twin turbo .. he is always available for me ,even if im driving by and a belt is destroyed which has happened , he will stop for a minute and be of service to his customers.. he is the best , and has the knowleage of his father, that has been in buisness for 40 year at nardi motor in whittier and now his son for 28 years.. i truly trust those nardi boys, they race porsches so what better mechanics can you trust ?? yep, thats how i feel.. if im driving by and need him to check on something that doesnt feel right , whether it be as simple as brakes, oil level, or freon or some little squeek, he always has the answer , and the time. and that my friend is not only comforting but security.. please drive safe.. miss t.

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