Going for Gold: Choosing an Independent Porsche Repair Shop Over The Dealership

Published 6 years ago — by Lisa Federico

	Go for gold and choose your local, independent Porsche mechanic over the dealer.

Go for gold and choose your local, independent Porsche mechanic over the dealer.
Photo Credit: Torben Hansen

Michael Phelps has won 22 Olympic medals for swimming, 18 of them…gold. He is perhaps the most decorated U.S. Olympian of all time. Your Porsche is one of the most decorated vehicles on the road. In an elegant, yet powerful class of its own, it deserves top-notch service without the hassle of the dealership ways.

With the 2014 Winter Olympic Games getting ready to begin in Sochi, Russia, all eyes are on the athletes. From their performance to their execution, Olympic athletes are true competitors of the game, much like that of the local, independent Porsche repair shop versus the Porsche dealership. Whether it’s cost, experience, communication or convenience, the independent Porsche shop has the dealership beat. Check out some “gold medal performance” reasons why.

Saving money on your Porsche repairs

Gold medal performance: Choosing an independent Porsche service center can save you quite the dollar amount, with its competitive pricing scale for labor and parts. Generally, having a lower hourly rate and a parts savings of up to 20% less than the dealer (and using OEM replacement parts), this is why independent Porsche mechanics are champions of savings.

Independent Porsche shop mechanic experience

Gold medal performance: Independently operated Porsche repair centers are most often run by Porsche trained technicians, who actually are the ones working on your car. These Porsche technicians have spent several years honing their craft and experience, mostly by working at the dealer prior to their shop. Having a skilled Porsche mechanic will lead to successful repairs and service on your vehicle.

Communication with your Porsche technician

Gold medal performance: Usually the expert technician working on your Porsche is the one you are in direct communication with about your vehicle, unlike at the dealership where you only have conversation with the service advisor, who didn’t even work on your vehicle. This gives you the opportunity to build a dedicated relationship between you and your Porsche technician.

Convenience of an independent Porsche repair shop

Gold medal performance: You never know when your Porsche may need emergency service, so knowing you can take it to an independent Porsche service center at almost any time is peace of mind. With multiple locations all over the country, independent Porsche shops often are located closer than the Porsche dealership and have more convenient hours. As an added bonus, many independent Porsche shops offer their customers a shuttle service, loaner cars and a customer lounge with wi-fi access in case you need to work while your Porsche is being repaired. While committed to expert Porsche repair, customer service is also a top priority at independent Porsche service shops.

Independent Porsche repair shops prove to be champions in labor/parts rates, successful in expert repairs, dedicated to their relationships and committed to their customers….ALL characteristics of an Olympic athlete. You can settle for bronze and go to the dealership, but why not go for gold and visit an independent Porsche mechanic instead.

Search for a local, independent Porsche repair shop with Porsche mechanics that have dealer-level expertise at a fraction of the cost.