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Little Rock, AR 72209 US
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Specializing in repair of Porsche automobiles. We also service Volkswagen and others.

3 Reviews

  • Donya
    Donya4 years ago

    I have been new to the Porsche world as of a year ago. I purchased my first 2001 Porsche (always a dream of mine), which was in need of some fine tuning. Perfection Plus was highly recommended and I immediately to drove in to introduce myself and have my car evaluated. Rick is AMAZING! He speaks, breaths, knows Porsche inside and out. He immediately made me feel welcome and confirmed I had made the right decision. He pointed out, in detail, the in's and out's of maintaining a Porsche. I have had Perfection Plus perform regular maintenance on my car since our meeting and I have been more than satisfied with the service I have received. Rick is a straight shooter and can most nearly diagnosis any situation you might have, almost surely from the phone conversation, if you can give him enough detail. He is fair and makes the car his priority. He works fast and promptly, providing the utmost in customer service. Steve is also great. I couldn't ask for better mechanics for my Porsche. After one year of owning this car, I know it is in top shape, due to the service I receive here. I highly recommend Perfection Plus. Thank you Rick and Steve!

    2001 Porsche Boxter
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  • EJ
    EJ5 years ago

    There is not a Porsche dealership in my city. It was refreshing to talk to a company who knew my Porsche inside and out. Clearly they are Porsche specialist with GREAT service. Nice guys.

    2011 Porsche Pans meta
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  • art
    art11 years ago

    Rick at Perfection-Plus did a great job with my porsche. I had heard that i might have to wait weeks to on but they were able to do my service the week after i called. in and out in 4 days. Pricing was reasonible - great for Porsche work. Very professional & competent. recommended

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