1913 Belgrade Avenue,
Charleston, SC 29407 US
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Having been established in 1982, we are one of the oldest Porsche repair shops in the Charleston area. Our goal is to provide quality service for quality cars.

  • Over 60 years combined experience
  • Convenient and easily accessible location
  • Free Shuttle to or from work/home
  • Comfortable waiting area with Wi-Fi
  • Family owned and operated (personal/friendly service)
  • Same or next day availability on many parts (limits down time)
  • Early/late drop off box (after hours drop off)
  • Porsche specific scan/diagnostic tools

Please call or stop by, we look forward to helping you maintain your Porsche and keeping it performing at is best.

4 Reviews

  • Chuck grantham
    Chuck grantham6 years ago

    I have owned numerous porsche cars for many years....used shops in denver , boston,ect where I lived at the time. I now live in raleigh and, in spite of the distance, Autometrics does all of my work.The reason is simple....Gordon does great work. He is the best I have encountered technically and is fair and honest. It is that simple. Chuck Grantham

    Porsche 996twin turbo
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  • Mac
    Mac6 years ago

    I've had three services done on my car for three different fixes and enhancements. On each occasion I was given a quote that was not exceeded. The repairs were done quickly and when promised. I feel totally comfortable bringing my car from Jacksonville and I have complete confidence in their knowledge of all things Porsche from OEM repairs to aftermarket performance enhancements.

    Subsequently, I've had them do work on my 2006 Porsche Turbo Cayene and again feel the work was worth the drive. I have no problems recommending them for P car service.

    1996 Porsche C2
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  • jason
    jason9 years ago

    After reading Mindy's review I can simply say, Ditto. In short, they had my car for over 6 months(off and on as I had to return it multiple times). Still not fixed correctly, they broke things while fixing my car, and like Mindy, denied their role and charged me. I am selling my porsche because I cannot trust anyone to fix it. Luckily for Mindy it sounds like she was out a couple hundred dollars, my run-in cost me thousands. I, also like Mindy, had been sent there on recommendation but could not be more dissappointed. Never met the owner, Gordon, but did speak to him and he didn't seem to care a bit about my ordeal in dealing with Roger who essentially is the "deliver the bad news guy". I hear they know what they're doing, unfortunately, unless you're racing porsches, they don't do it.


    Charleston, SC

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  • Mindy
    Mindy9 years ago

    I do not recommend this shop, unless you just want to give your money away. I took our 2001 Porsche Boxster S to them, after being recommened by a local reputable top shop, to have the motor for our convertible top "calibrated" or looked at because one side was going up faster than the other. The top shop told ME not to lower the top, until I had the top motor looked at and that the cables to the top were not attached, but the repair shop would still be able to work on it. I informed Autometrics of the top shops instructions. The car has been in the garage for literally a year, and the check engine light was on. They asked if there was anything besides the top motor I wanted them to look at and I explained the car being dormant for 1 year and the engine light was on. I had already been told it was probably 'stale gas' from sitting for so long, but figured I was there, might as well have them confirm.

    I called them at 2:00 pm that afternoon, after dropping the car off around 9 am (with an appointment made the Thursday before) and was told they were just looking at it. They called me around 3 PM and said they were looking at the check engine light, but codes were implying it was probably stale gas and they were resetting the code. If the light came on again, they could investigate further. At 4 PM I called for an update to see if I was getting my Porsche back that day, as I was getting off work and needed to figure out transportation home if they were going to keep it. Roger (at Autometrics) stated that I could pick the car up and he would go over the details of their 'discovery' when I arrived.

    When I arrived at Autometrics, I was informed that they "did not feel comfortable working on the top with the cables off". He also stated they reset the computer and if it the engine light reappeared to bring it back in for further "discovery". AND that they were charging me an hour rate for their work. I explained to Roger that I didn't feel it was right that they charge me for what any auto parts store would have diagnosed for free and reset the computer for free. That the original and primary reason the Porsche was there, was so I could have the top motor aligned, calibrated, or whatever was needed so it both sides would arrive at the windshield to close, at the same time. Roger did not feel they had taken advantage of me for not doing anything, but I strongly disagreed.

    When I got home that night, I Google'd how to attach the cables on the top and attached them. I returned to the shop, to pick up a personal item I had left the first time, and Roger was amazed the top was down. I informed him that YES the top is down, and I did it by myself having ZERO experience with it in 10 minutes, and reiterrated my disappointment in them taking advantage of me for charging me an hour rate for 1) not even looking at the top and 2) charging for a service that most shops/stores would do for free and in only 10 minutes.

    At no time did Autometrics attempt to regain my business or seem concerned that I felt violated and completely taken advantage of. As a female without auto experience, I will never recommend this place, but I will ALWAYS tell everyone I come in contact with to stay away from them unless they have an abundance of cash to throw at these guys. They ask you what's wrong with your car and then charge you to give you the same information back. No new information, or relevant information, to resolve my issue was offered. They apprently have no business conscience or ethics. Use them at your own risk.


    Charleston, SC

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