Common Repairs on the Porsche Boxster 987

The 987 Boxster by Porsche is a compact luxury sports car built by the German manufacturer from 2005-2012. The 987 succeeds the 986 as the second generation Boxster in the Porsche line. Porsche continues to build highly desirable, exciting vehicles year after year through their commitment to quality and the pursuance of cutting-edge technological improvements. Although Porsche Boxsters provide high performance and usually mechanically solid, some Porsche owners have problems with their second generation 987’s. Here are a few examples:

Convertible Top Problems: For some Porsche drivers, the mechanically retractable roof presents several headaches. Over time, it may begin to seat improperly, causing other issues.

Rattling Wind Deflectors: Several Porsche 987 owners experience a severe rattling of the wind deflector when the car is driven with the top is down.

Clutch Problems: Some Porsche owners have problems with the clutch sensor in the vehicles, which may cause an inability to shift the car into gear.

Internal Gearbox Problems: A scary problem experienced by some Porsche owners is the transmission suddenly popping out of gear while driving down the road.

Window Drop Problems: Malfunctions in the automatic window systems are problematic for other Porsche drivers and may prevent normal operation of the windows.

If your encounter any of these problems with your Porsche 987 Boxster, we recommend a trip to your nearby German auto import service center as soon as possible. The Porsche service technicians will immediately evaluate your vehicle determine the proper repairs so you can get back to enjoying the wind in your hair as you drive your Porsche 987 Boxster down the road.

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