Common Repairs on the Porsche Boxster 987 - 2nd Generation

Porsche Boxster 987

The 987 Boxster by Porsche is a compact luxury sports car built by the German manufacturer from 2005-2012. The 987 succeeds the 986 as the second generation Boxster in the Porsche line. Porsche continues to build highly desirable, exciting vehicles year after year through their commitment to quality and the pursuance of cutting-edge technological improvements. Although Porsche Boxsters provide high performance and are usually mechanically solid, some Porsche drivers have problems with their second generation 987’s. Here are a few examples:

IMS Bearing Failure: A persistent issue in the 986 and 987 models with a M96 engine. Due to it possibly causing catastrophic damage to the engine, Porsche addressed the IMS bearing design to help reduce the likelihood of failure, years later. It is still recommended to have a qualified Porsche service expert inspect and upgrade the bearing preventively.

Water Pump Failure: When the engine cannot cool itself by the flow of coolant, the water pump has likely failed, resulting in engine overheating. Taking your 987 in for regular maintenance can help combat this problem down the road.

Ignition Coil and Spark Plug Issues: Issues with ignition coils and spark plugs can lead to engine misfires, rough idling and loss of power in your Boxster. Many times this is due to wear and tear, and excessive heat and vibration that your independent repair specialist can identify and solve before a major issue develops.

AOS (Air/Oil Separator) Failure: The AOS is an emissions device. When it malfunctions or fails, it can cause the check engine light to be illuminated, excessive oil consumption, rough idling and smoke from the exhaust. It can cause damage to the engine in time, so it is necessary to replace the AOS at your local Porsche repair center.

If your encounter any of these problems with your Porsche 987 Boxster, we recommend a trip to your nearby German auto import service center as soon as possible. The Porsche service technicians will immediately evaluate your vehicle determine the proper repairs so you can get back to enjoying the wind in your hair as you drive your Porsche 987 Boxster down the road.

Search for a local, independent Porsche repair shop with Porsche mechanics that have dealer-level expertise at a fraction of the expense.