Common Repairs on the Porsche 911 991 Series

The Porsche 991 Series, 2012 – present, available in 2-door targa, 2-door coupe, or 2-door convertible body styles, is an award winning performance vehicle. This German import automobile is offered as a 7-speed PDK and a 7-speed manual, and is praised for its light weight and impressive handling. Nevertheless, like any new vehicle, a few common issues have been noted.

Sunroof Rattles: The exact location of the rattle can be difficult to diagnose, although the plastic panel and rubber seals are among the trouble areas.

Door Rattles and Squeaks: These noises are some of the other small handful of 991 Series driver complaints, and are reportedly due to the performance vehicle’s lightweight materials.

Direct Fuel Injection Problem: A variety of symptoms could indicate this issue, including but not limited to rough idling, power loss, and build up on the exhaust. These can, however, be signs of other problems, as well.

PSM Failure: Perhaps the most common issues with brand new 991’s are Porsche Stability Management problems, and there are a variety of potential causes ranging from faulty brake switches to software malfunctions.

Soft Acceleration Vibration in 7th Gear: Some owners have reported obnoxious metallic sounds and/or pedal vibrations when attempting to accelerate slightly in the seventh gear.

If you notice that any of these or other such problems could be affecting your Porsche, consider contacting a nearby German import service shop. These experts will be familiar with your 991, and they will have the appropriate tools to efficiently and accurately diagnose any malfunctions. Their experience with other performance vehicles like yours makes them particularly qualified.

Search for a local, independent Porsche repair shop with Porsche mechanics that have dealer-level expertise at a fraction of the expense.