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2809 Indiana Ave Ext,
Aberdeen, NC 28315 US
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2 Reviews

  • David
    David4 years ago

    I wish I could give 0 stars. I called this place to do an inspection on a local car that I was interested in buying and they were very rude. First, they refused to do this inspection because they "knew the car". Second, when I tried to ask them questions about the car they repeatedly told me that they didn't "know me". I didn't know that businesses needed to know me personally to do their job. Third, they mocked me for asking questions about the car. I asked if it would be a good everyday car and before I could finish my question the guy said, "hold on let me bring out my crystal ball and read it to tell you, I don't know you". I never write reviews for businesses but I had to come on here to tell how I was treated.

    1984 Porsche 944
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  • Jay F. Smith
    Jay F. Smith5 years ago

    First let me say the owner is first class and the shop does very good work. I have been taking my pride and joy over there for 3 years and have not been at all disipointed in their work. They got my car running after it sat in my garage fo 12 years and are now helping me get it back to first class condition.

    1968 Porsche 912 softwindow Targa
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