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In 1983 Larry founded PMW. Larry's new business partner is Yung S.Tan (Wing) since 2003; he is a Master Technician with 23+ years experience and a BOSCH Certified Technician.

Pinnacle Motor Works, Inc. specializes in all German automobiles. They have a state of the art shop and all equipment is up to date.

The Pinnacle Team

Larry M. Goodman is the Owner and President of Pinnacle Motor Works Inc. (PMW) and he is a car enthusiast. Larry's first car was a 1958 190 Diesel Mercedes. He started his career with a Mercedes dealership after graduating College at the Ohio University with a Bachelor of Science degree in 1975. Larry acquired his USA Master ASE Technician L1 Certification in 1997. He worked for a Mercedes dealership in Plainfield, NJ from 1975 until 1978 and the Ray Catena BMW dealership between 1978 and 1983 as a technician.

The shop currently has 6 factory trained employees and they are helping Larry's dream of a perfect Service Center come through.

Certifications & Affiliations

  • State Approved Vehicle Repair
  • State Emissions Inspection
  • State Emissions Repair
  • State Safety Inspection

PMW has all the electronic and computerized diagnostic tools, that any dealership and makes sure that all their technicians and staff are continuously participating in current training and education courses to keep up with the latest advancements of automotive technology. While they are specializing in European models if you have any other make or model as second or third car they will be happy and qualified to take care of those automobiles too.

Awards & Affiliations

ASE CertifiedASE Certified
Bosch ServiceBosch Service

6 Reviews

  • Paul
    Paul8 months ago

    First service at Pinnacle today and WOW, what an exceptional experience. Larry and Rachel are a superb team, both knowledge, courteous and are priced extremely well. I only wish I had left my Porsche dealer in the dust sooner. You will be very pleased with the quality of work and service here.

    2014 Porsche Convertible
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  • Steve Sullivan
    Steve Sullivan7 years ago

    I have a 1983 930 Turbo Porsche that I have only 12000 miles on it and the car has been treated like a baby. I was afraid to let anyone even touch it. I had an old Germany gentleman that use to keep it perfect. He passed away at the age of 88 over ten years ago and I never felt I could find someone I would trust with the car.

    I was never sure who I could trust with my car. I was recommended to Larry and Pinnacle Motor Works by a very good friend that said there was no one better on Porsches, more honest and he treats every car he or his team touch’s as their own.

    I went and met Larry and his team I was impressed and my friend was right. So I took my car to Larry and asked to him go over it top to bottom tune fix some little things that were not working.

    He did everything and put the car back is as it was day one in 1983.

    He had to do some special work to correct some odd issues but he fixed them all.

    He treated the car like it was his own.

    If you have a Porsche and want someone who knows them well and can correct or maintain your car as it was new I highly recommend Pinnacle. He was fair, extremely honest and caring about my car.

    They are the best that they can be.

    Steve Sullivan

    1983 Porsche 930 Turbo
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  • J Shay
    J Shay7 years ago

    The greatest mechanical experience ever! larry and team perform flawlessly , know everything about vintage and current edition porsches and MB's. i can not recommend a better service provider anywhere!

    1999 Porsche 911
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  • Anthony Marciano
    Anthony Marciano8 years ago

    My whole family and I have been taking our cars to Larry for years - Porsche, Acura, Mercedes, Audi, BMW. I know him personally and he is as good a guy as you get - straightforward and honest, professional, let's you know upfront what you need and what could be done but might be optional. Amazing customer service, he always is okay with us paying after the fact, doesn't ask for deposits, is okay with key drops, just makes the whole experience so easy and convenient. Plus, if you keep taking your car there, they have all the records of what they have done and know your vehicle. I have never ever had any problems here in all my years using Pinnacle and love their service, they have even fixed things for free for me as a favor, they really treat loyal customers well and are way more reliable than dealers or sketchy local mechnics but they have all the same computer systems and use only dealer-approved factory parts. My cars have been running smoothly for years. He also can refer you out to people like auto body shops if that's what you need, and he has done some cool work for me that goes beyond repair like installing parking sensors in my BMW, etc. You have to at least give these guys a chance, you won't regret it!!

    2001 Porsche 911
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  • sarah james
    sarah james11 years ago

    I had the misfortune of having my 1990 Porsche 911 repaired at Pinnacle Motor Works. My car could not make it back to DC. It took them 3 full working days to diagnose the car needing a new ignition distributor. 3rd, day they told me they needed to change another sensor as well as the distributor sensor, suggesting that the two were connected. They were not connected and if they had of done their research or were true Porsche experts they would have known that. My expert Tech spoke with them on the phone and advised them of their errors and that it was only fair to give me a discount. Eric advised me that the distributor would fix the problem. I took a day and a half off from my job to drive to NJ to get my car. The car was still not ready. I stayed over NJ for a day. 5th day distributor was in, but car still not working right. I arrive, they tell me the coil added was $400 and wanted me to sign a non-liability agreement. Really the problem was probably the coil. This place is a rip off

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  • Greg Holland
    Greg Holland11 years ago

    If you are ever in New Jersey and need a good car shop, Pinnacle Motor Works do a terrific job.

    We came in with a limping 944 on my way to Targa Newfoundland and Eric and his team fixed it superbly, all yo a tight timetable for us to continue the journey. They not only fixed what I had asked for, but went the extra to find out more about root causes.


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