50 Tripp Street, # 16,
Framingham, MA 01702 US
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Rensport is a Porsche only repair shop specializing in all types of repairs, from body, to drive line and suspension. At Rensport we educate our customers so that they have an understanding of the functions of their automobile.

5 Reviews

  • Richard Lovell
    Richard Lovell3 years ago

    Called him to see if he could repair my Cayenne. He couldn't be he was very helpful in recommending another shop in Natick. If I had a 911 he'd be the guy fixing it!!!

    2004 Porsche Cayenne Turbo
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  • Aurelio Pabon
    Aurelio Pabon4 years ago

    Since I got my 930 serviced by Rene, my car and could always be relied on as honest and skilled.

    If you are not happy with your serviced person go and give Rene a call ,You will be happy you did for sure !

    1976 Porsche 930 Turbo
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  • Farbod
    Farbod5 years ago

    Second to none ! If not for Rene then I promise you the passing of our 964 would have come a long long time ago. You just can't beat it. The best part of Massachusett's : Rensport ! You don't have to look any further .

    1990 Porsche 964
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  • Andrew Shact
    Andrew Shact6 years ago

    Rene serviced my car for five years and could always be relied on as honest and skilled. Unfortunately the 1987 model year seemed to be slapped together so virtually everything went wrong within five years. Rene evaluated the car at that time and advised me to trade it in rather than pay $$$ in the next twelve months for even more work. I will never forget his willingness to forego the future business (motor mounts, transmission slipping, etc) in return for ensuring the customer (me) did not throw good money after bad. Great to work with and looking for another porsche right now and already planning to have Rene service it

    1987 Porsche 944
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  • Bill Kutner
    Bill Kutner6 years ago

    Rene is one of the most honorable and standup guy's I have ever meet in the 911 Porsche repair business. He sold me one of his client's car and stood by it years later. Whenever I needed anything he either gave me advice about the problem and/or sent me the part free to fix it. Can't say enough about his honesty and integrity not mention his knowledge of all things Porsche. You will not be disappointed.

    1976 Porsche Carrera 3.0
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