Das Auto Werk

5745 Merriam Drive,
Merriam, KS 66203 US
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Kansas City Metropolitan Area Porsche, Ferrari and Audi service and repair.

4 Reviews

  • Will
    Will3 years ago

    I had my 996 towed to another shop after what turned out to be an IMS failure. After having the owner of the other shop try to buy my car off of me for $5,000, I asked some of my acquaintances where to go for repairs on my car. A trusted friend said he liked Das Auto Werk. I now go there for all my service and have had nothing but good experiences there.

    2002 Porsche 996 C2
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  • John
    John3 years ago

    After having another shop charge me $550 to turn off a workshop code and replace my battery with a $130 battery from Oreilly Auto Parts, I got fed up and started looking for another shop. A 30 year customer of Mark Journey's referred me to him. Best choice I've made in the care of my car in a long time.

    2005 Porsche 911 Carrera
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  • Lesly
    Lesly3 years ago

    I have gone to Mark for years . He is very good at what he does. When he gives you a diagnosis he is always right on point. I have been pleased with his work.

    1982 Porsche 911sc
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  • matt ristrom
    matt ristrom3 years ago

    Mark only accepts checks or cash and collected $2,500 from me to order parts a month before having my car delivered to his shop. 10 days after receiving my car he told me he had already gone through my deposit and demanded a second $2,500 deposit to continue working on the car. Then he stopped returning calls. I finally caught him at his shop six months later and got my car back. No work had been performed and he refused to pay me back. I confirmed with his supplier that he never even ordered the parts for my car.

    1978 Porsche 911SC
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