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Servicing North Idaho, Eastern Washington and Western Montana, Including Coeur d'Alene, Hayden, Post Falls, Sandpoint, Spokane.

North-Idaho's premiere German auto specialist. Over 31-years experience servicing Porsche, VW, Audi, BMW & Mercedes-Benz. From routine maintenance, to performance upgrades, to engine restoration, make your new, vintage, or classic car run like a champion.

Specializing in Porsche Repair, Modification, Restoration and Sales.

Servicing All Makes of German Automotive

5 Reviews

  • Mike Faurote
    Mike Faurote8 years ago

    1972 911 Cabriolet

    To All Porsche Owners:

    I recently had an older Porsche stolen and recovered; the car was recovered after having been dragged over dirt and gravel roads, through a sagebrush field and pushed into a rocky depression. The recovered vehicle was missing all electrical parts and guages, the dash was destroyed and it had been mechanically abused so that even the steering wheel was warped to the extent it could not be used to drive. However, the car was not driveable because the clutch was completely destroyed, and other damages throughout the vehicle were not, at that time, obvious. The convertible top was up, but the controls and other electrical parts were destroyed and/or removed. Alpine Motor Cars, LLC, in Hayden, Idaho agreed to work on the car.

    Alpine Motors was able to locate and install year-appropriate guages and parts, particularly where visible, and upgrade parts where possible. In addition to rewiring nearly the entire car, they replaced the clutch, adjusted the transmission, and evaluated/replaced/repaired the engine and oil pressure system as needed. I was informed at every step along the repair process, and in advance about any and all parts needing replacement, for my consent. Alpine Motor Cars uses an excellent body shop when needed.

    When I received the car, it looked much better then when it was stolen. The outside appearance was indicative ot the interior where all the guages, the dash, windshield and panels had been replaced and other things like Porsche floormats added. The engine fired immediately, and was very responsive to the throttle. Driving my car is now a more enjoyable experience. It is smooth, quiet, responsive and stable on the road.

    I highly recommend Alpine Motor Cars, LLC, for any and all Porsche services, and they came highly recommended to me by the Spokane Porsche dealership personnel.

    Mike Faurote

    Moses Lake, WA

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  • Bart Carlson
    Bart Carlson8 years ago

    My BMW 740i, BMW X5 and my 1987 Porsche Carrera are all serviced at Alpine Motors.

    I have had mechinaical work done on all 3 cars by Richard and have found him to be the most knowledgable and honest mechanic I have ever been to with my vehicles. But the most important and valuable asset of Alpine Motors is Richard's abililty and willingness to rebuild or repair many parts and not just replacing with a new expensive part without calling me first for approval.

    Richard always calls and confirms the pricing and repairs with me prior to starting the repair work and I have always found his estimate price to be very close to the original estimate.

    I would highly recommend anyone with a BMW or ANY German made car to call Richard at Alpine Motor Cars, prior to having any work done at dealerships or other shops. Bart C.

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  • Van
    Van8 years ago

    My 1954 Porsche 356 Cabriolet and 1987 911 Cabriolet have been routinely serviced by Richard Buechler at Alpine Motor Cars LLC in Hayden Idaho for a number of years. I have always experienced great results at a fair price. I would highly recommend Alpine Motors to any Porsche enthusiast.! Van

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  • Pat
    Pat9 years ago

    5 Stars Rich! You were right about the performance upgrades you made to my Porsche, they made all the difference.


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  • Cal Cathcart
    Cal Cathcart9 years ago

    I am a Porsche owner who is very fussy and have had several experiences with Richard at Alpine Motor Cars after receiving a recomendation from a fellow member of PCA. The first experience was the recomendation, purchase and installation of a new top for my '95 Carrera Cabriolet. This was a first class job using a first class product which was a top from GAHH Company. The install is tight, squeak and wind noise free and the cleanup was impeccable and I am not an easy grader. As a completely unexpected bonus Richard noted to me my oil pressure gauge was pegged all the time and likely needed a new sending unit. It turned out he was spot on as I tackled this job myself. He even coached me over the phone through the use of a correct tool to remove the sending unit when I was stumped. This showed me that he really cared about the cars and the owners. The next thing that came up was several months later when my Porsche started gushing oil on the garage floor. It turned out that the exhaust side valve cover gaskets had hardened and needed replacing. This job was done promptly, on time and for a little less than the quote. Perhaps the most important thing was that I took the opportunity to watch Richard work and was very impressed with his calm, patient and meticulous work style. This is not a common trait. Richard is a treasure for Porsche owners who want quality work at a fair price..

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