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We are a full service independent Porsche repair, service and high performance facility in Van Nuys, CA.

We service and repair all years and most models of Porsche vehicles for motorists in the Los Angeles and North Hollywood area. Staffed with expert Porsche technicians, our Porsche service center has been working on Porsche vehicles for over 30 years.

We are located 1/4 mile east of the airport. Rental cars and pick up/drop off services are available. Come see us today in Van Nuys for all your Porsche needs.


  • TRE always has my back. Many thanks!

  • I was very pleased with TRE Motorsport. Everyone was really friendly over the phone and in person. I think it's a good sign to see a shop that is big, clean and full of Porsches - even a couple of Beemers were in there. Their rates are decent, I got an honest estimate, and the work was good and speedy. It's one thing to suggest additional service but they don't try to upsell you or 'scare' you into having additional work done to your car like a dealership or other shady mechanic would. They'll definitely be the first shop I will call if I ever need service again.

  • This shop has always had a great reputation for top-notch service, and my experiences there have been superb.

    Ironically, much of the work that they have been doing for me is "fixing" the repairs from a previous shop that I once used in Burbank.

    I highly recommend these guys. Dave & Jeremy are extremely knowledgeable and have always treated me fairly on price too!

    They also don't shy away from modified or tuned cars. My 1985 turbo is a gray market car from Porsche's Special Wish program, and they just take it all in stride, modifications and all:)

    I highly recommend TRE Motorsports!

    Paul H. Simi Valley, CA, via Yelp on September 25, 2014
  • I have a '76 911 and came here a couple of times with my car. Each time, they completed the job correctly and on time. Their mechanics are meticulous - they caught a leaking fuel line in my engine compartment on one visit and found that my transmission support bracket was cracked and about to shear off completely during another visit. Yes, the price of labor is steep, although you get honest service and a crew of mechanics that have been working on these cars 30+ years.

    Matthew B. Claremont, CA, via Yelp on August 4, 2013
  • New to Porsche, but not new to classic cars by any means, I turned to TRE Motorsports in March after acquiring my 1973 914. There was a lot of work to do to bring the car up to snuff, and I've been very happy with the professionalism, great work and value I've received from Jeremy and Dave.

    I can't find words to explain how my car feels like it just came off the assembly line - I had no idea that something 40 years old could perform as well as this car has under the guidance and fine-tuning provided by Jeremy.

    I would not hesitate to take a new project to them, and plan to continue to use TRE Motorsports for any repairs needed on the 914 moving forward. They know their stuff.

    Gino D. North Hollywood, CA, via Yelp on June 4, 2012

6 Reviews

  • Todd VM
    Todd VM7 years ago

    Dave Bouzaglou's TRE Motorsports is top notch. I have had nothing but good experiences with Dave and his shop. He hires great mechanics who are very good and very dedicated to Porsche cars.

    I started going to TRE Motorsports in 2007. Since that time they have serviced two different 993 street cars, a 993 race car and a 944 race car. Dave is my go-to guy for all my Porsche needs. He is fair, honest, thorough and most importantly very knowledgeable about all things Porsche.

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  • Theo
    Theo7 years ago

    Ruined the finish on my 911 wheels and calipers getting a routine brake job! They seem like nice enough guys. Went in for brake rotor/pad replacement & brake bleed on my 996. When I retrieved my car EVERY rim had some type of damage, mostly gauges around lug holes. One rim had obviously been scrunched facing down on the garage floor. The mechanic acted like he didn't know what I was talking about. The brake caliper clear coat was buggered up on all four corners too. Dave offered to have Andre at Wheel Refinishing respray my wheels. the wheel finish lasted about 3 months tops before the paint started bubbling up on my factory BBS 18" Porsche rims. I ended up taking the wheels over to wheel enhancement and had to pay a small fortune to get the '05 997 5 spoke rims back to "as new". I let Dave know this, he offered no compensation. Dave offered to go halves with me on the brake caliper repaint. I am utterly disappointed and will not be back. The actual rotor, pad & brake bleed was's what they damaged on my wheel and caliper finish that is what they dropped the ball on. I'm sorry to report this, but Dave had the chance to make this right and chose to go cheap on the damage repair incurred by the mechanic at his shop, eventually causing me to have to have the whole thing redone at my expense. The calipers are now in need of refinish...Dave offered to cover half the repair. I'm sorry, that is not even close to making the problem TRE caused right.

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  • Alex Ford
    Alex Ford8 years ago

    Restoring a Swiss-Cheese rust bucket early 1974 911 was a job I started with my second-ever and first Porsche ownership in 36 years. I have gone through 20 specialists in search of a shop that could, "Do it Right and for a fair price." TRE Motorsports has turned out to be that shop for me. Assuring me that he could meet the deadline to ready the car for the 2011 Rennsport IV Reunion in Monterey, I promised the PCA people that I'd have the car in Monterey and ready to show and was thus was my 911 selected for the Porsche Corral. Dave came through and met that deadline and the car was shown and was exceptionally well-excepted by the Porsche community. Thank you Dave. I recommend TRE Motorsports for the care of your precious Porsche. If TRE could put my difficult ride together, he can certainly do it for your car-Alex Ford AKA: Zioo in the motorhead community

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  • Niksta
    Niksta8 years ago

    Really terrible experience. They misdiagnosed my car completely, racked up $2,600 in expenses for an unnecessary repair (replaced the differential on my 996 turbo when it just needed a new bushing).

    More Importantly: they racked up 140 miles on my odometer. Any explanation for this?

    Beware of going to TRE Motorsports. Also, please be careful when dealing with a kid there named "Amir" (I think that's how you spell it).

    What a horrible experience...

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    MARVIN8 years ago

    When I was 19 in 1971 I bought my first Porsche, a 1958 Speedster. Then in 1973 a 1957 Carrera 4 cam. I worked at Porsche Pit Stop in Van Nuys and I knew of David B. I've had almost every exotic car but always a huge Porsche fan. Nowadays I have a late '73/74 RS 2.7MFI....When I got it 10 years a go I had problems finding a good mechanic and tried a few famous shops but no one was expert with the RS motor. After reading about TRE & David Bouzaglou in numerous Excellence magazine articles I realized he is the West Coast expert of the R, RS & RSR models. I've been a customer ever since. His shop is large and kept super clean. That always says a lot. Their knowledge & experience with the Porsche race models is tops. Efficient and very fair pricing. This is the real deal. No place is better.

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  • Steve
    Steve9 years ago

    I've been a customer of TRE Motorsports for several years now and no matter what the job, big or small, the work is meticulous, detailed and fair. In a my most recent service for an alignment, a problem was detected in the steering that might have gone unnoticed by others. Without the repair the safety of the car might have been compromised. Dave, Jeremy and the entire crew are true Porsche enthusiasts


    1977 930

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