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WELCOME TO KÖNIG MOTORSPORT -- your German, European, Exotic, and High Performance auto repair specialists in San Diego North County. We're the reliable, affordable alternative to your dealer's service department. In this economy, it makes good sense to keep your quality automobile longer. Porsche, BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, VW, MINI, Exotics: These cars are well engineered and capable of lasting many years but can have very specific requirement. The dealers are too expensive and your average repair shops are NOT SPECIALISTS, who try to solve the problem by changing parts until the light stays off.

Our experts are trained & equipped with factory-level electronic diagnostic equipment but at half dealer prices. We don't work for the auto makers, we work for YOU!

We strive for your satisfaction and return business for years We'll earn your trust and all of our work is guaranteed.

*15% OFF your first repair*

3 Reviews

  • Ilya
    Ilya1 year ago

    My own personal experience spans a time line of a few months, and this is the shorter condensed version if you want more info feel free to get in touch with me. This started with the replacement of the ABS module. I drove my 911 c4 to this shop to see why my ABS module was leaking i just bought this one owner car less than a month ago. (later on the shop owner claims my vehicle was towed which is false ) Then the shop owner was telling me that my collectible 911 Millennium Edition with only 34k miles is worthless and that i over payed for the car and that the motor will blow up if i dont do the maintenance he recommends.( fun fact you can see a car similar to mine listed for sale in NYC for $45,000.00 these cars have serious value also BAT is a great reference.) Finally after a week of them diagnosing my car we negotiate a price that i thought was reasonable. I did not sign any forms allowing work or giving them any legal way of working on my vehicle. Fast forward to them having my vehicle for one month at this point, I show up to pick up my car and my repair bill is 14,000 dollars which was not the negotiated price. When confronted the price instantly drops to $10,000. I continue to contest the repairs this is when he wants me to pay a down payment and he keeps the car as I pay him back, which i refuse to do. This shop still has my car and attempted to file a mechanics lien which he could not secure.

    So not only did the owner trash talk my vehicle, he speaks so arrogantly of himself and so badly of dealerships. He is the kind of person who establishes a bad reputation for mechanics and he must be stopped.

    This man has taken advantage of military members like myself to a point where his shop is going to be added to an "off-limits" list which means military members will be discourage from visiting his shop for services. He is also notorious for overcharging for repairs and claiming he has replaced something when he has not, this usually occurs with older people.

    There are many stories of this man ripping off the elderly who enjoy German sports cars .

    Stay away from this shop as you will be taken advantage off for all your worth.

    2000 Porsche 911 c4
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  • David Morgan
    David Morgan9 years ago


    I wanted to post this to let you know what a fantastic job you are doing on the restoration of my 911 SC.

    I shopped a few Porsche repair facilities prior to selecting Konig Motorsports. I find not only is Denny Sucharda and staff professional and very knowledge, in the diagnostic and repair of European manufactured cars, be it an Audi, BMW, MBZ, Porsche or Volkswagen - they really care about people. Happy to answer your questions and get you on the road again ASAP. I recommended Konig Motorsports to all of my friends, thanks again!


    David P. Morgan


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  • Oscar
    Oscar10 years ago

    Konig Motorsports is my #1 resource when it comes to Porsche's, he knows exactly what he is talking about.

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