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1020 Old County Rd,
Belmont, CA 94002 US
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Serving the San Francisco Bay with expert Porsche repair since 1967. We've been at our Belmont location since 1983 and provide unsurpassed Porsche service to the Bay area community, including Daly City, San Jose and Sunnyvale. BIMRS member.

1 Review

  • Steve
    Steve10 years ago

    BEWARE! I don't do many reviews but I'm compelled to do Kirberg Motor's. Ralph may be nice but Brian is "Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde". They have great reviews in Yelp; but incompetent and charged too high for sloppy work. I chose Kirberg Motors for their great Yelp reviews. I asked them to check the car and install new cap and rotors on my classic 964 C4 due to idle problem during cold start. Ralph said, "You'll be very happy when we're finish". After 4 days and $984.00 later, the problem didn't go away but just got worse. They said they didn't know what is causing the idle problem and advised me to warm up the engine before driving and to just live with it. They also told me to replace the dual distributor because of a defect code that came up on their diagnostic machine (after the cap and rotors were installed). BTW, they also ordered and installed a new $500 Airflow Meter (w/out my approval). I was very disappointed on my drive home. But then I started to notice some engine pings and misfire when the engine is cold. At this point, I lost trust and didn't want to go back to Kirberg. So I took it to Modderman, a Porsche Specialist in Mtn.View to have my distributor replaced (per Kirberg's advise). We couldn't believe what we saw after removing the cap and rotor. We discovered the cap and rotors Kirberg installed were badly cracked and damaged into pieces; moreover a pair of distributor wires going to the spark plugs was switched causing the engine misfire. We also found the air filter seal not seated properly. Modderman Porsche was surprised my car even reached his shop in Mtn. View in the state it was in. It was a really sloppy job after further inspection. Finally, Modderman replaced the distributor, installed new cap and rotor (cost $310), rewired the spark plugs to distributor, and reset the car's computer. Suddenly my classic car is running strong and fun to drive again. According to Modderman Porsche, the switched wires probably set-off the defect code on the distributor and no need to waste $400 to replace the existing distributor. But it was too late the part was already installed. I emailed Kirberg hoping for some compensation but no response. I'm not surprised.

    I will not do business with Kirberg again. I advise that you don't either if you want to save money and your car running properly. Don't believe all the great reviews Kirberg has in Yelp (They probably paid for it; see link); nor their phony "Diamond Certified" sticker. (The sticker just means they just charged you an 'arm and a leg' for sloppy work).

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