1009 7th Street,
Oakland, CA 94607 US
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The finest car in the world deserves the best quality service in the Bay Area.

We have over 50 years of experience in all phases of Porsche service and repair, and we use the most advanced Porsche factory diagnostic equipment.

"No Attitude" personnel who take the time to explain what you car needs and why.

We're conveniently located in West Oakland, within 45 minutes of anywhere in the Bay Area.

Factory trained dealer experience
for a fraction of the price.

2 Reviews

  • Tito Young
    Tito Young12 years ago

    Its hard to describe my experiences with Chris and Brian, because I now, I firmly believe my car is loved by this shop. Assuming that you have had experiences with car shops in the past, you will find quite the attitude associated with them. Some of the shops are assembly lines, some strive for return customers, even some might throw out the red carpet. Bauer on another hand is all of that, but you get a kind of family point of view. A no attitude, relaxed and cool atmosphere. You get to know the fellow mechanics in the place, know their cars, their wants and wishes.

    Always be sure to take your Porsche there for all kinds of work, including installing windows, valve jobs, new exhaust systems, suspension upgrades, even general maintenance. You cannot go wrong, and best of all you don't get that .. well i see you coming and Im gonna rip you off. It can't get better than that.

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  • Veronica
    Veronica12 years ago

    If you own a Porsche, and you want to be sure you are taking your car to someone you can trust to work on your Porsche, then this is the place to go.

    Chris, the owner, and his son Brian simply eat, sleep, and breathe Porsche's... their location is a like a mini Porsche museum, filled with race cars in various stages of upgrade and repair, all makes, years and models, its fascinating to see them all!

    The owner Chris, is the most down to earth and honest mechanic to roam the planet. If he didn't run a business i am almost certain he would be in his shop every day anyway, tinkering with the cars he loves so much.

    You can be sure that your Porshe will receive the TLC it needs, and any repairs are taken car of promptly, professionally, and courteously. The guys know their cars, Porsche's are the only cars they work on, and you can see it and feel it the moment you enter their workshop.

    I actually bought my Porsche from Chris, as he was kind enough to sell it for the original owner, and i have been taking my car to him for the 3 years since. I would so not have anyone else work on my car besides these guys that when my clutch recently went out, i paid $300 to have it towed in to them, rather that taking it to the nearest Porsche repair.

    I can promise you will be so happy you found this hidden gem of a Porsche repair, that you will never take your car anywhere else.

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