Common Repairs on the 2nd Generation Porsche Cayenne

The Cayenne is a popular model of mid-size luxury crossover vehicle and Porsche has been successful with the line for over a decade, with the types 955, 957 and 958. The German automaker introduced the second generation in 2010, which was the 958, and included a hybrid, turbo and diesel. The Second Generation Cayenne is a dependable vehicle, but not without the occasional mechanical problem.

Faulty Alarm: Some Cayenne owners have reported issues with the car's alarm system going off without cause. The likely culprit, it would seem, is an overly sensitive motion sensor within the interior of the car. Replacing the faulty sensor should eliminate the problem.

Cold Starting Problems in Diesels: Cayenne owners, who live in cold climates, have reported that their diesels will not turn over in the cold weather. The key needs to be reinserted to get the car to start.

Interior Squeaking: An especially irritating problem for some owners of the Second Generation Porsche Cayenne is an unexplained squeak coming from inside the car. That is a mystery that needs to be solved.

Headlight Problems: Unfortunately, Porsche had to initiate a recall of a number of its vehicles, including the Cayenne, due to headlights that were becoming detached from the fender. The problem concerns the locking assembly on the headlamp which Porsche will replace at no cost.

Delay/Jerking Sensation Using Start/Stop Function: Some Cayenne owners have noticed a jerk or a slight delay when after using the start/stop function on their Cayennes.

If you are experiencing any of the problems outlined above, you would be well-advised to take your Second Generation Cayenne in for an evaluation by an independent Porsche repair specialist.

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